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Last updated 8.9.2011

Menu: chicken alfredo, baby back ribs, hot ham, pig sandwich, b.b.q chicken

Keywords: Restaurants, Pizza

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Posted by
not happy

I agree with unhappy customer. I was 3 months pregnant craving for a hot ham mushroom sandwhich. Hours on shop state opens at 11am. It was 10:45am when I arrived so I figured waiting 15mins isn't so bad. It was a nice and sunny day. Well 11am came and no one here yet. I called the shop on my cell phone just to see if it was even open today, just the regular hours recorded. I waited, fustrated how hot it was. Eventually finally the guy came to open shop at 11:30am. I made a comment running late, he said yes, his first day back on vacation. That sucks, he can come in whenever he wants since he's the owner. I just wish they better owners. Great business, but sucky customer service.

Posted by
unhappy customer

I called at 11:00am when they opened to place a sandwich order and was told it wouldn't be ready until 11:30 because they "had to get ready". It seems to me that if you are to open for business at a specific time then you should be ready to serve customers then and not have to prepare to open. When I mentioned this he asked what time I wanted it and if I wanted it at 11:15 he would have to put all the other orders on hold to make my order. He was very rude. I cannot believe that an owner of an establishment would treat customers like that. I use to patronize this place often and now I will never go back and I will also tell my friends what a bad experience I had. P.S. Doesn't the other comment seem like it was written by them? It reads like an advertisement.

Posted by

Can't believe what an arrogant person the owner is. I called with a credit card from CA...he refused my business. I don't know much about HI since I was there last, but to me the people seemed friendly. He hung up on me the first time. I tried to plead my case, but to no avail. I can only think he is against anyone in the Army or other Military services. Very dissapointing showing for the good people of Hawaii.

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