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Last updated 8.9.2011

Menu: roma pizza, cheese pizza, tuscan chicken, sausage pizza

Keywords: Restaurants, Pizza

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My wife and I were there about 3 months ago. My wife's salad was both wilted and the lettuce was rusty. We ordered a pepperoni and sausage pizza and it came as a cheese pizza. We complained and they brought the same pizza back with som sausage and pepperoni laid on top. We thought that they should have re-made it but they didn't. When the owner/manager came to chat with us, he did not offer an apology but spent at least 10 minutes explaining why it was impossible to do it any other way. We won'[t be going back. I'm certain that the owner will not be unhappy that we won't be coming back as he would be faced with the possibility of having another conversation with us again. There are too many good Italian and/or pizza places in Aiken to bother with this one.

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They have the best food ever. I am a waitress here and i love my job here because the customers are so nice and friendly. I love the food here. You have to try the mushrooms here also. I am only working two days a week right now but i am looking to be full time soon becuase i love walking in the door and serving customers and seeing them leave happy.

Posted by
Bill Youtie

A major surprise! I've been visiting Aiken for years and looking for a decent restaurant. My hotel recommended this restaurant across the street. Because it is in an unimpressive strip mall, I was skeptical but decided to walk in and at least check out the menu. The staff was so welcoming, I couldn't leave. The waiter was poised and friendly. She made smart recommendations. Not wanting to be too adventurous on the first visit, I tried a basic spaghetti and meatballs in marinara sauce. It came with a fresh salad. When I ordered oil and vinegar dressing, the waiter recommended a home-made vinaigrette which turned out to be a better blend than I prepare myself and with a nice touch of spices. The bread twists with garlic and butter were irresistible and I ate too many of them. The main course of spaghetti and meatballs reminded me more of family Italian restaurants in New York's Little Italy. Nothing fancy, but a tasty and properly textured plate of spaghetti and meatballs. Overall, the restaurant was a welcome surprise. It makes me look forward to my next visit to Aiken.

Posted by

The food was great and there was plenty of it. Staff was very friendly and the atomospere was great. I would definately recommend it and I will definately eat there again.

Posted by
Kimberly HoldRen

Yummo! Last night was my first time at Roma. I had Chicken Marsala and the rest of my party had a bit of everything on the menu, or so it seemed. Service was great, food was prepared quickly and was delicious! My Chicken Marsala was too much so I had the left-overs for lunch today, which makes an average Wednesday wonderful.

Posted by

I've been to this restaurant twice, the first time it was pretty decent. The 2nd time, my husband and I went there around 3 p.m. on a Friday afternoon. We ordered a Pizza with ground beef and onions.....guess what, they told us they were out of ground beef. I couldn't believe that....come on, run down to the Kroger and buy some ground beef. So, instead we ordered a Pizza with sausage & was horrible. The dough had the texture of thin cardboard, sparse on the sausage & pepperoni. We have not been back since. People don't know about this place because they don't do much advertising for one thing. Hopefully, our last impression will be different, if we ever go back....not!

Posted by
Frank Ruocco

My wife and I have been to Romas several times, and we have had a number of carry-out pizzas from there. This is a wonderful restaurant - -very good food at very reasonable prices. The menu is not extensive, but most of the dishes are delicious. The wait staff is competent, and some of them are absolutely fantastic. Try the chicken franchese , the antipasto, or the Tuscan chicken.

Posted by
avid diner

We love roma's every time my wife and i go. You can taste how fresh the ingredients are. A much needed improvement over the other Family pizza place in town which begins with "F" and ends with 'errandos'. Due to it's location, people don't seem to know it. It's behind Applebees. Go it's Good!!

Posted by

We have been vacationing in Aiken for years and our biggest peeve has always been the lack of good local restaurants. Beer joints are fine for a party, but nice non-chain restaurants are few and far between. That is until we noticed the Roma on Whiskey Rd. Good pizza we can get at any supermarket. Good Italian food is harder to come by. The pasta and sauces were excellent. The meatballs superb. Our waitress was also a treat and so was the check. We will be back. My meal (eggplant rotallini) was perfect as was my wifes spaghettini and meatballs. Can't speak for the pizza as I would never order one in an Italian restaurant.

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