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Last updated 8.8.2011

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Posted by
Gypsy Loup

Man do we LOVE their pizza. I'm embarrassed to say we go there so much that the entire staff knows us and immediately knows our drink preferences. The pizza has got runny cheese and just melts in your mouth. Of course you can hear your heart arteries screaming they give in to the great NY style great taste of this pizza! Yum! We take all our out of town guest here.

Posted by

THIS REVIEW IS MEANT FOR THE SOUTHSIDE LOCATION: 152 South Aiken Lane, I was invited here to celebrate the birthday of a dear friend. His wife called ahead to let them know when we'd be there, and how many, so I KNOW we were expected. This was a weekday at about 5:30 PM and the place was not very busy when we arrived. Instead of anticipating our arrival, the help had to juggle tables to make a larger seating area for us while we waited. The server brought us drinks efficiently. After a little chit-chat we ordered two large pies. More patrons began comming in and the place got a little busy. After about a half-hour of talking we realized that people who came in after us were being served their meals. We had to call our server over to ask what was going-on and she said there was a problem with the "ordering computer" and the kitchen did not receive our order. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I can understand that computers are used these days in this situation....maybe, even though the kitchen is three feet around the corner. BUT a server who has a group of eight, or ANY party when it's not-even a busy time NOT enquiring about an order after a half-hour, demonstrates the lackadaisical attitude of this place. After this we got a couple casual promises that it would just be a few-more minutes. The total wait for two pizzas was more-than AN HOUR!. This place is obviously rudderless. NO manager came to our table to offer greetings to a party who chose this establishment to host a special occasion (some of us were first-timers there), nor did the manager come to personally apologize for their screw-up. This place seems to be run like some kid's hobby instead of a real business. A saving grace was that by the time we were served, we were so hungry that we didn't care as much about the quality of the food as that we just got something to eat. As-to the quality, I would put it at average. One good thing was the background music was soothing. And in fairness, I think they discounted the tab. Otherwise this joint would just get one star from me. The server was polite and business-like, even a little shy. But what-more can you expect from kids who have no leadership or mentoring. This place has potential that is not realized because of a lack of serious, hands-on management. The only future business I might give this place is for a called in order. If it isn't ready when I get there, I'll walk out and go elsewhere; I don't believe in rewarding incompetence. I really hate to say this, but Ferrando's south-side is a glorified fast-food place, except it isn't fast.

Posted by
A Yahoo! Local user

After ordering their pasta with marinara sauce 6 to 8 times the last time we were told they don't have marinara sauce any longer. We don't eat here anymore and refuse to pay $20+ for a below average pizza ...don't even get me started on the horrible service

Posted by

This place is awful. I'm originally from an area with a high percentage of people of Italian ancestry and I know Italian food. A real Italian wouldn't feed this food to his dog! The lasagna is clearly not homemade but rather a frozen Souffer's dinner. No self-respecting Italian would serve pasta so over cooked. I found the wait staff to be pleasant but evidently not enthused to be working there. I would have been better off going to Kroger's frozen food section and picking up a bag of Bertoli pasta. Believe me, it's a far cry better than this place. The first I visited Ferrando's, I went there for the pizza, which was unimpressive (strike 1), but I thought I'd give them another try with a pasta dish (strike 2). I'm not going back for the third strike.

Posted by

The service is awful and the wait staff is very rude. We experienced this on several visits. The worst - Our server forgot all about us.Her excuse was that she wasn't used to waiting on tables in the area we were seated. When complaining we weren't given any compensation or an I'm sorry from management or the server.We have'nt been back since. Too bad as the food is good but not enough to be treated the way we were.

Posted by

Went @ 2pm for takeout on a weekday. Waited 25 minutes, asked twice about my order. Got blown off. Asked to see manager, my pizza not started. Asked for money back, refused. Waited another 25 minutes to get pizza. Pizza OK, about like Domino's. Not offered water or soda. The place maybe had one table occupied with 5-6 employees wandering around. Shudder with disgust everytime I pass there. You will notice, not a decent review since April, 2007. All since-BAD!!!

Posted by

Great pizza! A must for anyone visiting the CSRA. - Guest73202 - Mar-25-2010

Posted by
Howie is Hungry

Cheap ingredients. Canned mushrooms gross! - Howie is Hungry - Aug-21-2009

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