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Last updated 9.4.2012

Menu: fried chicken, baked potato, buffalo wings, fried green tomatoes, french fries, grilled more...fried chicken, baked potato, buffalo wings, fried green tomatoes, french fries, grilled salmon, coleslaw, rice pilaf, onion rings, pork chop, sauteed mushrooms, country-fried steak, breaded pork chops, chicken tenders, ribeye steak, chicken sandwich, chicken strips, smothered chicken, cheese sticks, smoked ham, hoagie, pilaf, fried onion rings, beef liver, grilled onions, fish sandwich, american pizza, grilled chicken sandwich, sauteed onions, popcorn shrimp, shrimp basket, fried pork chop, t- bone, turkey club, marinated chicken breast, grilled meatloaf, fried cod, crispy french fries, crispy bacon, grilled burger, fried chicken sandwich, crispy chicken tenders, fried fish sandwich, grilled liver, citrus marinated chicken, sliced turkey breast, crispy wings, grizzly burger, bear burger, cheesesteak sandwich, philly cheesesteak sandwich, grilled marinated chicken breast, ny strip, all sandwiches, grilled chicken platter, zesty marinara, angus ribeye steak, 12 oz ribeye, tender chicken strips, prime rib night, chicken strips basket, topped with your choice, golden onion rings, fried cheese straws, meatloaf platter

Keywords: American Restaurants

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Posted by

Breakfast bar food is always under cooked, especially the bacon. The eggs are always runny. The set up makes you bump into people waiting in line. Everybody is in the way getting in line and going out of line. We could never understand why the line was changed. It's the worst set up ever. We used to go several times a month and now may be once a year if that. Wish it was like it used to be. We go to the reopened Golden Corral now.

Posted by
A Yahoo! Local user

I went there thinking they might be like Frisch's Big Boy up north. Not even close. Very poor. Menu was small food was poor quality. Never again.

Posted by
Angela Burns

Shoney's is now closed. It was bought out by a company that does not do food. - Angela Burns - Apr-11-2010

Posted by
Southern Patriot

We have eaten here numerous times trying various kinds of fresh made to order burgers fries salads and drinks to the seafood buffet and other offerings. The restaurant was always clean the wait staff was young but always attentive. We have always enjoyed our trips here and always look forward to the next time. The management is always ready to make right any shortfall and all personnel seem ready to please the patrons. This makes this restaurant a good place to return to each time. - Southern Patriot - Aug-22-2010

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