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Last updated 8.9.2011

Menu: cheesecake, fried chicken, chicken parmesan, chicken salad, buffalo wings, chicken cordon bleu, french fries, greek salad, coleslaw, garlic bread, chicken parmigiana, baked spaghetti, bbq chicken, tzatziki, onion rings

Keywords: Carry Out & Take Out, Restaurants, Pizza

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Talamo's has great food!! The pizza is very good and they always make it the way I like extremely saucy! I absolutely LOVE their hot and garlic wings!! Pretty much everything there is amazing!! The only reason I gave it 4stars is because if you order a pizza any size and get hf one topping and other hf a different topping they charge you for 2 TOPPINGS even tho your getting less toppings than if you ordered it with 2full toppings!! COMPLETE RIP OFF!!! but besides that they have pretty good deals and the food is great!

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So I just moved to the Kenmore area, and tried almost every pizza place from here to barbertin or whateveer that city is called. I tried talamos last week, and fell in love. There pizza reminds me of the chicago style pizza ( thin crust). There dough is so soft and fluffy and I cant resist their side orders, this is a fantastic place, and everyone that lives here should order pizza from this place.

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The best Pizza: They have the best Pizza in town!. They are fast on delivery and their prices are very good

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I want you to know the family that run this pizza place are the best once you get to know them. The father ad the two sons there are the best. Best service and the best food. You can taste the good in the pizza and the chicken. Dont forget the garlic dip, that stuff is awesome. I have tried pizza from those big companies but you feel like your eating cardboard but from Talamos pizza you can actually taste pizza and not cardboard. You got to try this place.

Posted by
Ni'Ja Su'ad

They have the widest range of foods on their menu and not to mention they have a 5 Dollar menu that has over 23 things amazing. And can't forget their food is made fresh every order.

Posted by

you need to update your prices on the internet menu

Posted by
John fro Kenmore ohio

I have been living in the kenmore area for about 7 years now. Ever since I moved there from Ellet I have been eating with the family at Talamo's Pizza. If you want real traditional pizza this iswhere you eat. I mean so many times i go in there and I see the father making dough. I use the coupons in their website plus they have coupons in that one magazine that comes in the mail. Its quality food and they really load the pizza with toppings. Try it next time and tell them Johnny sent you. - John fro Kenmore ohio - Feb-12-2009

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