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Last updated 8.9.2011

Menu: tuna salad, margarita, guacamole, chicken salad, buffalo wings, french onion soup, french fries, nachos, taco salad, bbq ribs, baked salmon, greek salad, spinach salad, cole slaw, grilled chicken

Price: $10 - $20

Other Contact Info: 510 523 7781

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Reviews (15) Write a review
Posted by
a Yahoo! Local User

Great food and fun: Linguini's is great for a casual dinner or a beer. We go there every Friday night for pizza and salad in a laid back atmosphere. I recommend sitting in the front room as the back room can get loud with big parties.

Posted by

Good food but expensive: I enjoy the food but I was quite dissappointed when I ordered a dish at lunch time that cost $15 and some change and soup or salad was not offered with it. A half order was offered at $10 and change so I decided I might as well get a whole order at the higher price for me that is to expensive not to get at least a soup or salad. I love the food but I do not go their very often now I know why I stay away for so long.

Posted by
a Yahoo! Local User

Over-rated: Don't know what all the fuss is over. Food is average. You could easily make it better at home. The service can be pretty bad. Guess it's not bad if you drink a lot a beer and then eat the pizza. Not cheap. The Englander in San Leandro is superior.

Posted by

Good Pizza: Linguini's Pizza & Brew is one of the best Pizza places in Alameda. From the minute you walk trough the front door, you are filled with the wonderful smell of baking pizza. There are 4 televisions surrounding the main room with a sporting event on all of them. The walls are covered with sports memoribilia. The bar serves a few different types of beer on tap and there is a frequent drinker program. There is a game room with pool tables and video games. My only complaint about the game room is that the games are a little out of date. Now to the food. My recommandation is the pizza. you not only have your standards of plain cheese and pepperoni, but also some gormet pizzas. They are all very good. The salads and other food is also very good.

Posted by

good place: By far offers the best pizza in Alameda.

Posted by

My friend and I shared a basket of fries they were hot and crisp thick potato slices cooked with fresh garlic ground onto them very yummy!! Oh and i highly recommend asking for some ranch dressing for your pizza crust its the best way...

Posted by
Danica H.

The pizza is pretty good and they have a really nice party room that can be reserved that has a couple of video games for the kids but it has a bar in the next room so that is something to consider for kids parties. For the parties you can order a really good assortment of pizza salad and fruit.

Posted by

For the most part I love the food. but you never know what your gunna get service wise. Most of the time there is only one server per side. The regular side gets quite busy and the server looks over whelmed. Its very busy on the weekends and holidays and things tend to go amuck. On valentinexs evening I ordered over the phone for pick up I was told 45 mins. I arrived 15 mis late to find my order had not even been started I had to wait longer. Once I got home (on the bus)I found my order was incorrect shrimp but no pasta and my sons burger was also burnt he was unable to eat it. I called to tell them what happened and was pt on hold. I called the next day and was told I should have returned the food and they would have fixed it I told them I was not going back on the bus and was told there was nothing they could do. I asked for the manager and was told I would get a call back. Neved did. The food is usalll great but I'm looking for a new past place with better service.

Posted by

Large portions of pasta salads cheesy garlic bread and a selection of seafood and meat dishes keep locals coming back.

Posted by

In a world of fast food, this place does the sit down pizza dinner right.

Posted by

There is two sides to Linguini's, I've been to the bar side, which is more casual and you can order the same things, I usually order pizza here, and they are great. I've also been in the dining room side, which is more fancy, the waiters pay more attention to you. The food here is great.I Love their calamari, and chef's salad. By BF loves the spaghetti and meatball (but it's not on the menu, it's one of their specials every so often), their sauce is phenomenal. I like their chicken marsala, the chicken is very tender and juicy. They also have happy hour special too, where appetizers are half off. Everything is rich and delicious, I recommend trying them at lunch to see if you like the flavors :)

Posted by

Me and my boyfriend happened to come here one night when we were not even planning to eat but we ate it and I was really glad we did. The food was great and so was the staff. it was pretty crowded but they took us even without reservations and we sat by the window looking out at the street it was very nice and romantic or course we sat at the restaurant side. there are two sides one more fancy and one more casual family friendly dining. would love to stumble upon there again!

Posted by

Even though the food is wonderful the atmosphere cozy and the service is great I can't get my husband to come back because one of your waitresses wears an obnoxious perfume that we can't stand. She is very nice and a very good waitress the perfume is overwhelming. We have been eating here for 10 yrs but the last 2 years have been painfully bad with this horrible perfume. Please wait people shouldnt even be wearing any kind of perfume it takes away from the lovely odors that come out of your kitchen. Please help us to return I miss your Burina. We have been forced to take all of our friends to other establishments. I want to make sure you know that the waitress is great just get rid of the perfume. - callahandy - Dec-31-2006

Posted by

It wasn't even crowded. After we got the food i noticed that the pasta was undercooked and the sauce seemed to have just been poured on right out of a jar. My daughter had told me "my pasta' gross!" and i tried some and it seemed like it... - - Feb-11-2006

Posted by
Ron L.

Amzing prices and the potions are so large look forward to lunch the next day ... tastes evern better than! - Ron L. - Apr-22-2004

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