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Based on: 15 reviews
Austin's Pizza
800 W 12th St,
Austin, Texas 78701
(512) 474-8834

About Us: For affordable and yet great-tasting pizza, visit Austin's Pizza at 800 12th St Austin TX 78701 . Austin's Pizza is proud of their home-made white and gluten-free crusts and their signature vine-ripened tomato sauce and smokey mesquite BBQ sauce, which they say what sets them apart from other pizza places. Austin's Pizza offers more than ten pizza flavors to choose from. But if you are not in the mood for a pizza, you may want to try their side items, lunch specials, salads or go straight to desserts.


Last updated 8.9.2011

Menu: brownies, chicken wings, greek salad, hot wings, grilled chicken, backyard burger, pepperoni pizza, muffaletta, corn dog, dessert pizza, grilled chicken breast, vegan pizza, pesto pizza, pizza roll, spinach mushroom

Cuisine: Pizzeria

Price: $10 - $20

Feature: Delivery, Take Out

Other Contact Info: 512 835 1110

Keywords: Restaurants, Pizza

Reviews (15) Write a review
Posted by
a Yahoo! Local User

Should have been voted Austin's worst pizza!: Let's start with the 1 1/2 hour delivery. Cold, disgusting and rude driver... This place has gone waaaay downhill! It used to be pretty good. I have heard the place has changed hands... this might be the issue, I dunno.

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best burnt & cold pizza in town: Austin's pizza used to be good - very good. Apparently they got big heads -- the prices went up, delivery time is horrible so the pizza's always cold and I've had to call and request another pizza the last two times because it was burnt (the crust and part of the cheese was black). I won't order from them again -- they've been consistently awful recently. I don't know what changed, but it was for the worse.

Posted by
a Yahoo! Local User

Great Each Time: We always have delivery and have never been disappointed. The pizza arrives earlier than we have been told it would take, it's hot and tastes great. I can't imagine why anyone would want to go anywhere else. The thin crust is great, just the right amount of sauce and the toppings are always fresh tasting. We are fans!!

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I love this place!!: I love the HOT wings with a cold Bud Lite. I can make a meal out of just those or Have a thin crust peperoni pizza, and Dr. Pepper. They have a game room to keep the kids busy. It is the ONLY place we will eat pizza.

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Tried this place for the first time this evening. We had the "meat" pizza and my daughter did not like the little balls of "meat" that were either sausage or ground beef. I thought the pizza wasn't bad, but not great. It tasted a little generic, I would compare it more to Chuck E. Cheese style than Pizza Hut. I ordered online and was under the impression that the only wing flavor was BBQ as I didn't see any other option. The wings were good, maybe a little over sauced. My delivery guy was very nice and professional. It was about a 45 minute wait. I was dissapointed that I had read such great reviews. I most likely will not order from here again.

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To much Hype: Pizza is ok

Posted by
Lady Cleo

The greek (or is it Mediteranian? They always know what I want) pizza (I sub spinach for olives-don't dig 'em) is KILLER and these guys have always gone out of their way to give me good service. Thanx guys!

Posted by
a Yahoo! Local User

Good pizza, Bad ethics: The first time we ordered pizza from Austin's pizza we were on the West side and 3.97 miles away from the place according to MapQuest. The pizza was delivered. The pizza was good. The second time we ordered pizza from Austin's pizza we were on the East side and 3.35 miles away from the place according to MapQuest. They wouldn't deliver the pizza. Here is an excerpt of the conversation and the excuses tendered for not delivering our pizza: We call and tell the operator our address. "Is that on the East side?"the person asks. "Yes," we reply. "We don't deliver past 38th," they say. (This is confusing because 38th is an East/West street.) We ask if they deliver south of 38th. "Yes." So we order the pizza. They call back to get our address to find out if they can deliver to us. They call back again and tell us we are 10 blocks out of their delivery area. Amazingly enough we were inside the area, but futher away when we were on the "white" side of town, but on the "colored" side of town we were closer and yet 10 blocks out of the area.

Posted by
a Yahoo! Local User

Delicious!: I was craving a good "pizzeria" style pizza and Austin's Pizza hit the spot perfectly. Good prices, quick, friendly service....A+. I would definitely recommend it to others.

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Nasty: Nasty pizza, nasty serivce just nasty infact Mac NASTY!

Posted by

In those five short years Austin's Pizza has soared over those local bottom feeders like Dominoes and Double Daves and established itself as one of the true leaders in the Austin pizza wars.

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This is some good pizza. Better than average even without the tasty toppings like goat cheese. Seriously...goat cheese on the pepperoni pizza. Very good.

Posted by
sarah p.

I worked at Austins pizza their soy cheese contains casein which is a milk derivative and is not vegan friendly. The dough contains whey which is also not vegan friendly. Just wanted to let fellow vegans know so they don't make the mistake of eating these items!

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I saw what I thought was an animal run by my feet into the kitchen area. I asked the employee what the hell I saw. The employee matter of factly told me and another customer standing in the lobby that they had a rodent infestation and that the owners have refused to do anything about it. I cancelled my order and called the city!

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Check the place out. They are good. Provides with fresh foods.

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