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Based on: 41 reviews
Saccone's Pizza & Subs
11416 Fm-620 N,
Austin, Texas 78726
(512) 257-1200

About Us: If you are looking for high quality and real tasty food, Saccone's Pizza & Subs is the best place for you! Their menu is not just limited to one specific dish but has so many to offer every diner, from their original and crowd favorite, delightful pizzas, Calzone, Stromboli and a great selection of cold subs. Saccone's Pizza & Subs proudly banners their slogan Pizza with a jersey attitude as they serve nothing but great-tasting food and Austin's best pizza! Visit their branch at 11416 Fm-620 N, Austin, TX for a fantastic feast.


Last updated 3.13.2012

Ambiance: Casual, Family Friendly

Parking: Lot

Menu: cheesecake, hot dogs, cannoli, greek salad, hot wings, philly cheese steak, garlic bread, chicken parmigiana, focaccia, jalapeno poppers, calzones, eggplant parmigiana, vegetable pizza, chicken tenders, new york style pizza

Cuisine: Pizzeria

Smoking: No Smoking

Products Other: Pizza, Subs, Pasta, Hot Dogs, Salads

Year Founded: 1997

Price: $0 - $10

Feature: Catering

Other Contact Info: danmarko@saccones.com

Keywords: Catering Services, Food Delivery Services, Italian Restaurants, Sandwiches, Pizza

Reviews (41) Write a review
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Decent pizza, but not sure if I would go back. Weird vibe, imho.

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a Yahoo! Local User

A decent pizza: Not exactly the best pizza I have had, but near the top for Austin.

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That's Amore: Saccone's has a wonderful selection of pizza. The crust is to die for and the toppings are fragrant and well balanced. The pizza is somewhat on the greasy side but the crust and flavor make it well worth a try.

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a Yahoo! Local User

Best Pizza Ever: This is the best pizza you will ever eat. I can't go back to the chain pizza stores anymore.

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a Yahoo! Local User

Best Pizza in Town, Honest!: Don't Beleve those catchy comersials telling you to go dine and order your pizza from Mr Gatti's, cause the best pizza you can get is Saccone's! With there delisious gigantic pizza pies for a resonable price, no other pizza place can top it! It bring New Jersey style goodness deep in the heart of Texas! If pizza is not your type, there are many other appatizing dishes such as Subs and Pasta. Even though it is not the most popular place around, it sure is the best! So what are you waiting for? Go eat at Saccone's where ther slogan is 'Pizza with a Jersey attitude'!

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Just like back home in New York: By far the best pizza in Austin!!! I eat it twice a week or go into withdrawals. Sanwiches are great as well. Eggplant sub is top notch!!!! Just remember, if you try it once you'll never be able to go back to pizza hut or papa John's again!!!

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Best Pizza We've Ever Had!: Like most red-blooded Americans, we love pizza. There are tons of chain restaurants that push pizza, and a few "mom-and-pop" style pizza parlors that claim to make the best pizza. Austin has all of the above. Some of the family owned restaurants serve some very good pizza. However, we feel Saccone's is one step above them all. It is advertised as New Jersey style pizza. The crust is then, the sauce is fresh, and there are tons of different toppings to choose from including different cheeses. The pizzas are also huge. Their pizzas are bigger than any I've ever ordered. I would recommend taking your order home. The don't have a lot of dining space and the ambiance is more like a diner or cafeteria. I've heard a lot of others rave about Saccone's Pizza. It also placed in the Readers' Poll in the Austin Chronicle. I have yet to hear anyone say they didn't like pizza from Saccone's. If you love pizza, you owe it to yourself to give them a try.

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Jersey Style pizza, with a jersey attitude: 1. JERSEY's attitude is not known for being friendly 2. Their pizza is not good at all The toppings are just put onto the pizza and not really cooked well... The pizza was slimy and liquidy not at all as crusty or flavorful.The sauce is so bland and seems to have no flavor.

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a Yahoo! Local User

Just like Mama used to make: A good old fashioned New York style pizza is what you will find here. Thin crispy crust and just the right amount of sauce make Saccone's Pizza taste like a Greenwich Village eatery.

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we used love it !: We used have saccones all the time , it was our absolute favourite pizza place (being thin crust lovers) unfortunately the last few times we've been there the pizza has been less than outstanding. One time the pizza seemed uncooked or too saucy the topping was sliding off the pizza .................its just not as good as it used to be which was excellent

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a Yahoo! Local User

Howdy Youz Guys: Being in the WPP (Witness Protection Program) I miss food that you could eat! The calzones, and sausage parm are my favorites. And, be sure to tip right! Tony (The Plumber) DePasque

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This pizza rocks!: I have only tried the pizza so far, but loved it. It beats anything I have tried lately. A transplanted yankee from the Northeast, I grew up eating the good stuff like this, and am only now appreciating what I took for granted then. Definitely worth a try if you want authentic East Coast-style pizza. I can't wait to try their subs and hotdogs. A real winner, guys...thanks.

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a Yahoo! Local User

As close to Pizza from home: Saccone's Pizza is as close to NY/Jersey Pizza as you can get here in Austin. Im not thrilled with his calzones. They are so so but the Pizza is the best.

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best pizza in texas...: ...period

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a Yahoo! Local User

Wouldn't go back!!: I wouldn't go back. Didn't enjoy the pizza at all. No iced tea. Sorry, much better places for my money.

Posted by
Don K

Great Pizza: Great Pizza and Salads. Gonna try the subs next.

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Best NY style pizza in Austin: I love NY style pizza, and Saccone's is the best I've found in Austin. Their pizzas, with the "sweet sauce," is as good as any pizza that I've had in New York. I always have too much when I'm there because I can't stop eating. It's that good! If you like NY style, this place deserves a special trip.

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simply the best: I went to college in New York, where I learned what Pizza is supposed to taste like. Since then I've been around the world, in each place I try the pizza. In my opinion, Saccones is the best Pizza this side of the New Jersey Border.

Posted by
Stephanie R

Saccone's on 620 at Anderson Mill is great. Dan was a trememdous help to me with an event I planned and needed pizzas delivered. Thank you Dan for all your help and I look forward to having you cater our next event.

Posted by
gareth c

The attitude is all they got right....: If you feel like being ignored and mistreated in a pizzeria, then by all means eat here. The "foldable" flops of pie are mediocre at best. I'd rather eat at CiCi's than here.

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Wasn't impressed...: I found the pizza to be rather slimy and limp. I was hoping for a crisp crust but it wasn't. The pizza sauce wasn't especially good. The pizza was edible but I won't hurry back.

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I liked the pizza. It was a fairly done New York Style pizza, and one of the better of many poor places I have found in the Austin area. Also I do agree about the weird vibe and sanitary issues. The big guy seems grumpy and definitely not the type to wash his hands after using the John, and WTF girl with the overly blue eye-line...Creepy-Creepy. Although for now I will put up with low health standards, for a better tasting za.

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a Yahoo! Local User

Great: Everything is always great, not to mention very reasonable!

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a Yahoo! Local User

I would walk miles for this Pizza!: Thank you Thank you for bring such a fantastic pizza to the Austin area. Thank you even more for opening in Round Rock! This is authentic NJ/NY area pizza with the right crust/right cheese/Fantastic Sauce (I prefer the sweet with basil!). When we want pizza, there's no question, we call Saccone's! p.s. we tried Brooklyn Pie Co. once, we're sorry. Their tough crust and can't-put-my-finger-on-it-something's-off sauce sent us running back to Saccones. I wish I could give it 10 Stars! All this talk about pizza has me picking up the phone to order, right now! Me:33/f/Mom who knows her slice!

Posted by
Jenna Tice

Just ordered from Saccones for the first time and all I can say is that it was the best pie Ive had since Ive left New York....tried many pizzerias here in Texas and they all stunk..mozzerella sticks were great ( battered)- you cant find those any where and the delivery guy was at my door 30 minutes after I had ordered....love this place!!! a++++++

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a Yahoo! Local User

First, the pizza was average. I have lived in Chicago and New York; this is no where near the quality of either city. My family and I decided to sit down and eat. We watched our pizza being made. The young man was not wearing gloves and was scratching his face in various spots. He would then continue to make the pizza. I guess that's their special ingredient. The other two employees appeared dazed and confused. All the employees were dressed grubby and unkept. Lastly, we sat there for exactly 41 minutes waiting for one pizza. Yes, I did time it. I will never eat there again or recommend it. I know alot of people order there for pick up. I encourage all to actually sit there and watch your pizza being made. It will make you sick. Iceman says "Give it the cold shoulder until the next ice age"

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Excellent food, the best pizza and hot subs in: central Texas. The Leander location can not be beat. Its all about the ingredients in the food and its all first rate!

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Gotta Love It!: I've been eating at Saccones since their first location opened in Leander and all I can say is WOW! Everything is always fresh and they only use the very best ingredients. Pies (Pizza's for you fellow Texan's) are hot and delicious. I've never had anything but the best food there and will remain a long time customer. Even though I'm a native Texan, I'm proud to publicize this "back east" eatery as having great homemade dishes with real Jersey attitude and I'm not bustin your chops here!

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What happened to the Saccone's by Round Rock High School?! It is gone and a place called Nikki's is going up? Are they relocating or just done there? Their pizza was awesome!!

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best pizza in town!!!!!!: If you like real New Jersey Pizza, this is it!

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This location is now CLOSED, following a fire. Saccone's has relocated to 11416 RR620 North, Suite N, Austin TX

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wow! what jerks. I called to order take delivery 4:40pm. They said they don't do delivery till 5pm. I said "ok...so you can bring to me at 5 then.." Sounding reluctant, he replied "yes." I gave him my my address but did not know the name of my subdivision. They could not deliver my food because I don't know my subdivision. I live 1/4 of a mile from their store. They could look out of their window and see my subdivision. If the driver needs a computer to tell him how to get accross the street, they have an even deeper problem. Either way, they were rude right from the get go. Maybe you can still run a business in Jersey and be rude, but in Texas, talk to people like you actually want them to buy something from you!

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I LOVE Saccone's. I'm from Brooklyn and this place tastes like home to me. I've tried Gino's and they're great, but Saccone's is just dead on superb New York/New Jersey style pizza. I go to the one in Round Rock, closer to me. As for "vibes" if you're looking for an Austin (a.k.a. non-Italian, more California type) vibe, go to Conan's, but for a NY/NJ vibe and taste, go to Saccone's.

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New Yorkers flock here: Forget deep dish style. Forget that fake pizza chain stuff or "mr. baddies". Only real pizza comes by the slice and has pools of grease in the pepperoni. If they could import NY water, this would be the real thing bar none. Love it!

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The pizza is the reason to venture here. The Mom and Dad's Special sports a super-thin crust that bubbles at the edges with a layer of sweet tomato sauce a light bed of mozzarella and fresh chopped basil. There's also pastas and salads.

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If you're still hungry after the tremendous amount of food there is always the Cannoli for dessert. The Cannoli is a deep fried pastry shell that is filled with a sweet creamy filling. Best served when hot out of the fryer and freshly...

Posted by
John D.

I have been to many pizza places a round the greater Austin area and I have taken a liking to Saccone's Pizza. The slices are thin and the crusts are crispy. I also enjoy Saccone's because it is unlike those large commercial pizza companies that don't give you pizza they give you a half melted hunk of cheese thrown on top of a triangular-shaped piese of bread. It is right down the street from my house so I intend to go there often.

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Saccones will cook up a mean pizza that will knock your socks off. I hear their subs are delicioso as well! Excellent meats and hand tossed dough cooked to greasy-pizza perfection. Don't go looking for a salad or health food just plain...

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The pizza is delicious thin crust style (but not crunchy) and the ingredients are great quality and tasty. I haven't had the subs yet but if they are anything like the pizza I'm sure they're great too. The kitchen is open to the dining...

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So I ordered an Italian sub which. Was ok but not great. My wife ordered a chicken breast hot sub and when it arrived the chicken was breaded which it didn't say on the menu. We also ordered fries which were very average and obviously...

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