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Based on: 19 reviews
Portofino Pizza
1600 Oakland Park Ave,
Columbus, Ohio 43224
(614) 262-2662


Last updated 8.9.2011

Menu: breaded mushrooms

Keywords: Restaurants, Pizza

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Very bad service, called to make order and inquired about the price. Was told " if the price is to much call someone else." Will not be making any orders to this company no matter what I have heard about the food.

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I love it: Great food service nice people great price Eat there at three to four times a week

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great food, good prices: We love their thick crust pizza, and their gyro combos are enough for a gyro AND make a salad afterwards. I also love their breaded mushrooms. I've only had their subs once, an italian sub, and didn't really care for it - too much hard over-toasted bread and not enough filling, but maybe it was a bad night??? There is no eat-in, it's delivery or carry-out only so call ahead if you're going to carry out.

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Perfect: Great pizza and service. Only, they accept only cash..... ugh!

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The best pizza in all of columbus for sure! And the most bang for your buck. I get the "Giant" pizza. 49 slices!! I get it whenever I have a party, and it costs less than 50 cents a slice. Love this place!!

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Great food and subs! They just need to learn how to take CREDIT CARDS!!!!

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a Yahoo! Local User

cant wait to co back: the pizza is so good the veg. pizza is the best i have had some of the other pizza they offer and they are great too. we get the bisg pizza for partys.

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Portofino's have always passed with flying colors when I ordered. I received good and timely service. The food is excellent everytime I order I am very pleased with Portofinos and would recommend them to everyone I know.

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GO BIG: As the mother of four sons who love to eat pizza ,,the big pizza is a dream come true especially for those impromtu sleep overs with all their friends...the pizza taste good also....you are definitely getting what you pay for and then some......

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you have to try it: you have to try them good food at a good price

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It Huge pizza never seen before: porto fino have the greatest pizza ever and the biggest pizza Giant 40Inches pizza 49 piece it $21 and the gyro it great you guy such try out garantee you like it and new eggroll it good.

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This is the place to go for parties, family get togethers and great for slumber parties. The quilty is great, the taste is out of this world.

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my family and i eat here all the time its the best pizza around even better then the big names you get more for the money.

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Pulled up to the restaurant where it's apparent that overhead is a minimum. Yep...it's what some would call a dump. Service was also below par. However, once I got over the poor appearance and service, I experienced the BEST tasting pizza. The crust was unbelievably tasty. Many of my co-workers ate throughout the shift off the Giant making it a great purchase. Recalling the taste as I write this review is going to make me want to run out and get a pizza.

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This used to be a good place, I just ordered three subs a meatball, which was to soggy to pick up with your hands, a philly cheese steak which had no cheese, and an Italian that came without meat in it, none were cut and when I called to speak with the owner I was given a run around that only led me to believe that the employees didn't want me speaking to him. I will continue to try and speak with him just so he knows that the employees are either smoking crack or just plain stupid, one of them actually told me he didn't know the owner Toms' last name, that he was only there to collect his paycheck. It's sad because I order delivery quite a bit and they will no longer have my place to deliver to. I want a place that takes pride in satisfying their customers which is not the case here.

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Awesome: The men in the family love the pizza, I however highly recommend their gyro's! Definitely the best with a menu that suits everyone in the family.

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These Wak offs don"t even know where they are located don"t have a computer and dont have a gps are you kidding me a gps cost like 60 bucks are you kidding me i buy 3 large pizzas and its 60 bucks

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Best pizza I've had since I relocated from Cleveland!Great food for good price!

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Joe Adkins

Good food at a good price: Portofino Pizza has a great selection of food to pick from, and all are resonably priced, the best deal is the giant 40 inch pizza for $20

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