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Last updated 3.13.2012

Reservations Policy: None

Menu: new york style pizza, cheese pizza, sicilian pizza, american pizza, garlic knots

Cuisine: Pizza

Specialties Other: Eat Here Carry Out By The Alice & By The Whole Pizza Pie, Eat Here, Carry-Out

Price: $10 - $20

Keywords: Carry Out & Take Out, Restaurants, Pizza

Reviews (11) Write a review

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Top 3 places in Eugene to get pizza 5 out of 5, The closest you can get to New York Style Pizza in Eugene

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The ONLY Pizza I will eat in Eugene Oregon! Perfect crust, baked on bricks, the right sauce and pure mozzarella cheese. They way Pizza tastes back east in for example New York. Sy's New York Style Pizza is great. I been going there since 1978 when Sy opened it. He would be there every day making Pizzas, with some part-time help. Now he is old, like me, and sold the place, but the new owner was trained to make it exactly the way Sy did it! If you don't like it, its because you have been fed too much Pizza Hut, Papa's and Track Town junk.

Posted by
Raoul Duke

The hot chick at Sy's: Pizza good -staff grrrrreat! More beer needed. Delicious soda though.

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The only game in town: Are you from the East Coast visiting in Eugene? If yes, then Sy's is the only place in town you can go if you want something that you can call a respectable "pizza" and still keep a straight face. Order by the slice if you want, but you're better off with a whole pie so you can take it back to your hotel. Take it from a regular, Sy's is the real deal.

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Best New York Style Pie since Long Island: If you like New York style Pie then you will love Sy's. The crust is light and tender, the sauce devine

Posted by
fussy about food

I was disappointed. This is touted as the best pizza around Eugene. What? Don't believe it. Had a $3.50 single slice because $26.00 for a whole pizza with a few toppings didn't seem worth it. The place is tiny, better for a walk around the block or on-the-go students, but not for eating in. The counter space is ugly, cramped & uncomfortable to say the least, and the stools are perfect for five year olds. The 2 female staff were more involved with their oversized flat screen TV teenlove movie than watching what they were doing. Half the toppings flew off on the floor before they got it in the oven two feet away. The taste was alright, nothing like Real NYC style street pizza (which I've had), just kind of slapped together and reheated. Not to mention bathroom smells disrupting my tasting experience. Sy's might be a class standard for Eugene, but I'd be embarrased to suggest it to anyone for serious food. Sy's could do better or charge less. God knows they're making a ton of money off curious first timers and regulars.

Posted by
a Yahoo! Local User

HANDS DOWN!!!! SY's pizza is the best pizza on all of the west coast. I grew up back east and its impossible to find good pizza out here. I found it about 3 years ago when I moved here and was up for the challenge when it said NY style pizza...usually out here I just roll my eyes and hope for the best. Well I got the best! I am so happy I discovered Sy's. If any of you are reading this and crave a real NY slice? Sy's is definently your place. Dont even bother looking anywhere else. I work just around the corner and try to make it over as often as my waist line allows :)

Posted by
Amy F.

The other day when we went to Sy's we had to drive around the block while the other person ran in and got the pizza because parking is very limited. A very nostalgic place if you ate there in college because it looks exactly the same from when I ate there in college 15 years ago. Pizza is a little doughie.

Posted by

For a quick cheap meal you can get pizza by the slice at Sy's Pizza which is near campus. Burrito Boy is also a favorite for good and inexpensive Mexican food. If you're taking somebody out for a nice dinner and don't mind the budget...

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Sy's Pizza is legendary in Eugene. An interesting restuarant itself... but the pizza is the only thing that matters and it is very good. If you are a college student or just anyone in the area of campus you should try some pizza from Sy's.

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January 06 2010 - Just had a slice of Sy's Pizza..brings back memories of the summers on the boardwalk in Ocean City NJ.

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