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Last updated 8.8.2011

Menu: chicago pizza, baked ham, pepperoni pizza, thin crust pizza, american pizza, hot ham, breadstix

Specialties Other: We Deliver Our Full Menu For Over 50 Years

Price: $10 - $20

Keywords: Carry Out & Take Out, Restaurants, Pizza

Reviews (13) Write a review
Posted by

This is our family's favorite pizza place in town. The barbeque and pepperoni pizza is AMAZING. It's unique with a tangy sweetness. The pricing is a bit high but we don't mind because it is soo good. My husband really likes the Royal Feast if you are a pizza-person who likes "the works."

Posted by

The unique atmosphere & interior, as well as the "phone-ordering at the table" make this a one-of-a-kind pizza place in Fort Wayne. The food is always good.

Posted by
Melissa C

Pizza King is the Best!! BBQ baked ham or royal feast as well as the breadsticks w/the tasty cheese sauce! Definitely worth the money every now and then, but it is over priced!!

Posted by

Fort Wayne's Best Pizza: Nice but casual. Good place to go on a date. The service is good, the food is excellent. Even if you aren't in the mood for pizza, They have burgers and sandwiches. The Clara's chips are the best. Price is ok. Ask for coupons on your way in. Pizza King is good to the very edge!

Posted by

Whether you grew up in the Muncie, IN area or attended BSU (Largest Area for Pizza King locations), Pizza King is one of the towns best traditons. Its still Indiana owned and still done the same way they did it 30 years ago. The Fact that two of them are in the Fort Wayne area is great a experience for your pizza needs and the kids will enjoy both locations. The State Street location is better but if your in the Indian Village Area off of Bluffton Road in Fort Wayne you will be able to have nice quiet dinner experience with your family. Nothing fancy but the Pizza is special and you will not find this pizza anywhere else in the area.

Posted by

My wife's favorite place for pizza. If you like thin crust pizza, you will love the royal feast.

Posted by
a Yahoo! Local User

Best Pizza in Town!: Clara's is hands down, the best Pizza joint in town. They have the best pizza, the best service, and all the extras too! Their ranch dressing is awesome with their signature breadstix. The hot ham and cheese is awesome as well! Stromboli, wrapups, everything. I've never tried anything there that I didn't LOVE!!! We go all the time for our lunch meetings because they serve something for everyone!

Posted by

yumm.: i absolutly love pizza king. it is by far my favorite place to eat. The people are also always nice.

Posted by
AZ to IN

We're new to Fort Wayne and ordered Pizza King take-out based on the good reviews. We were very disappointed! The pizza is mediocre at best (rubbery crusts, sauce tastes like ketchup), and it was $18.99 for a large cheese! I've always preferred the local neighborhood pizza place to the chain experience, but for the money and taste you would be much better going with your standard Dominos/Pizza Hut, etc. Definitely not what we hoped for :( (By the way, we're from Arizona--not New York/Chicago pizza snobs . . .)

Posted by

I have to agree with the couple from AZ, this is not even remotely good pizza. The sauce wasn't as bad as they say, but other than that there was no taste at all. The only pizza I can compare this to are those tasteless rectangular pizzas from High School. I also had the privlege of paying $9 for a pizza I could have used as a coaster. I thought that DiGiorno was over priced, but that seems like a bargin compared to this. I tried this place because of the reviews, but I will NEVER go back there again. How this is the best pizza in town I have no idea.

Posted by
a Yahoo! Local User

Pay for what you get: You can't swing a dead cat in Fort Wayne without hitting another Pizza place, but I like Clara's Pizza King. I have always liked Pizza King because I like the way they cut their pizza and I love their sausage/peperone pizza. Clara's is a little more expensive than your run of the mill pizza place, but it is more of a neighborhood restaurant rather than a dash-in pizza to go place. It is worth taking the family for a change.

Posted by

I've only been here once as a dine-in customer and I hated it. The atmosphere was nice but I strongly dislike their pizza.However my husband and I get their Italian subs as take-out sometimes and they're always great. Hot meaty cheesy and just a hint of spice.

Posted by
Carolyn M.

Clara's Pizza King is full of unusual antique lighting and stained glass. Porch swings add to the unique interior. Lunch pizzas can get you in and out with a good lunch and fast service.

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