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Last updated 8.9.2011

Menu: tiramisu, chicken parmesan, buffalo wings, baked ziti, chicken cordon bleu, french fries, more...tiramisu, chicken parmesan, buffalo wings, baked ziti, chicken cordon bleu, french fries, chicken wings, chocolate mousse, greek salad, garlic bread, grilled chicken, baked spaghetti, bbq chicken, tzatziki, cheeseburger, jalapeno poppers, calzones, greek yogurt, fried zucchini, tossed salad, antipasto salad, chocolate mousse cake, parmesan chicken, chicken strip, italian salad, mozzarella sticks, cheese pizza, smoked ham, mexican pizza, fried mushrooms, roasted red peppers, buffalo chicken pizza, margherita pizza, deli sandwiches, cheese bread, pepperoni bread, bbq chicken pizza, garden salad, chicken pizza, cheese cake, genoa salami, meat lasagna, pesto chicken, garlic cheese bread, stuffed pizza, greek pizza, chicken pesto, beef lasagna, supreme pizza, american pizza, cheese ravioli, chicken marinara, mini pizza, smoked bacon, cheeseburger pizza, boneless wings, gourmet chicken, meat ravioli, chicken italian, white meat chicken, cheese chicken, hot ham, chicken parmesan pasta, bacon cheeseburger pizza, sicilian salad, tender chicken breast, ham - cheese, rustic italian, create your own pizza, cheese calzones, meatballs marinara, spaghetti with marinara, meat lover s, cheese only, sausage artichoke, sicilian marinara, ny cheese cake

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Reviews (8) Write a review
Posted by

Not bad but the wings should be a little more spicy

Posted by

Great pizza and wings to die for! Always fast and the food is always hot. The drivers are nice.

Posted by

Now, this place has great pizza. If you're looking for a fancy sit down pizza place...this isn't it. But, if you're looking for one of the best pizza's in town, you can't do any better. I personally recommend the thick crust pizza. The people at the counter are friendly and helpful. They highly recommend their wings and have special deals during the week on pizza and wings. Also, it nice to have a taste that isn't more of the same from the chain food places.

Posted by

This is an awesome Ma & Pop pizza joint that takes pride in their Italian heritage & their family owned & operated business. There are no tables pizzas and wings are available for carryout or delivery oh and if you are like me a glutton for punishment try the Buffalo Chicken Pizza man it hurts so good! - adrielodell - Mar-09-2010

Posted by

No doubt one of the best white pizzas I've had. If they had spinach as a topping I'd rate them even higher. Their wings are always fresh and moist tasting. If you haven't tried them yet take a break away from the regular chians and enjoy. Check for their specials. - damsmall - Jun-23-2006

Posted by
Eric Peterson

It's mostly a take out place. We had sandwiches and salads. Nothing special to say about any of the food we had. - Eric Peterson - Apr-07-2011

Posted by

Rino D's is our favorite pizza place. They have the best hand tossed pizza. I love the salads that they offer. The people that work there are very nice and friendly. - Guest81856 - May-08-2011

Posted by

i really enjoyed going to reno's at first then i joined the rewards zone that they always push on you and its a shamwill never go back!! they say you get a free pizza when you spend 100 dollars? well my point have gone to 100 and just reset!! talked to the owner..said he would look into it..never called me back!!! so the pizza is good but there is better more honest people at pappa john or pretty much any were!!! why aset up a program that encourages your customers to buy more pizza if you wont honor your own program!!!!!!!! - hess84 - Oct-12-2009

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