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Last updated 3.13.2012

Menu: cheesecake, brownies, chicken marsala, sangria, pasta salad, carrot cake, bruschetta, stuffed mushrooms, gelato, french fries, eggplant parmesan, chicago pizza, biscotti, cannoli, chocolate mousse

Price: $0 - $10

Other Contact Info: 480 892 4350

Keywords: Italian Restaurants, Carry Out & Take Out, Restaurants, Pizza

Reviews (31) Write a review
Posted by

Salerno's "Rock" they have something for every one.Home made pasta, sausage, not to mention the Chicken Parm is the the best. I will eat there forever .They are the real deal !!!! Oh and they just reopened there dinning room YA!!!!!

Posted by

The best pizza in the east valley. MAKE SURE YOU try the italian sausage! The best!

Posted by

A really good family Chicago Italian restaurant from an actual Chicagoan. Moved his restaurant from Cicero IL to Gilbert AZ. Good prices and a great family atmosphere. Try the deep dish pizza and the cannoli. Yum.

Posted by

Salerno's Pizza: If you want real chicago style pizza this is the place to go cooked to perfection and very filling

Posted by

One of the best pizzas I have EVER had!!! A hidden gem in Gilbert.

Posted by
Carrie Hamblin

Totally gross! McDonald's is better than this place. The only decent item is their calzone probably because it's kind of hard to mess that up.

Posted by

Salerno's is a hidden gem! One of the biggest complaints I had when I moved to Arizona from the East was the so-so pizza places that were cookie-cutter and blah. I went to Salerno's once and found what I had been looking for. The most amazing sauce...and the cheese is REAL (and imported from Wisconsin from what I've been told). Seriously, the toppings and cheese are not used sparingly. In this day of quick and easy food, Salerno's is a refreshing departure back to the times when Italian restaurants were family owned and run. It's worth the drive to Gilbert, not far off the 60...

Posted by

Best pizza around, here or in Chicago (Berwyn), no place in Arizona even comes close to producing as good a pizza as Salerno's does! I've been eating their food since the 70's, at the 16th and Clarence location, and hope to be able to enjoy their meals for many years to come. I drive over an hour each way just to get a taste of their deep dish pizzas. My only complaint is that there's only one location, I wish they were more centrally located so I eat there more often. I love this place! Try it you'll be back!

Posted by

This place stinks. We read the good reviews and gave it a try last night. The salad, apitizer and pizza were clearly made by a midget in the back that could not see what he was making.

Posted by
Angry Canadian

The best pizza and Italian food in town. I've traveled around the world and consider this the tops for a family owned restaurant. The portions are huge and the staff is extremely friendly. The Salerno family make a point of talking to each table individually. You don't get that kind of service from a chain. I recommend it to everyone. I've eaten there consistently for three years since they opened this location. 5 stars, fantastic.

Posted by

Woot Woot!!!! Great pizza! Who could ask for anything better? Try it, love it!

Posted by

We have been looking for good Italian food in the East Valley since we moved here 3 years ago. I'm so happy to say our search is over! The food at Salerno's is absolutely delicious! HUGE portions of homemade food at reasonable prices. LOVED IT! Can't wait to go back!

Posted by

This is the absolute best Italian food inthe valley ,,PERIOD!! Ross and the entire staff are gracious and the Pizza and Chicken Parm is the best ever. Just go there !!!

Posted by

We just went for a wedding tasting and it was AMAZING!!!!! The service was one of a kind. The food just melted in our mouth. I would TOTALLY recommend!

Posted by

This is "the TASTE of Chicago"! It's the very best! Old world recipes and flavors-real cheese and homemade sausage - I can't stay away and I live 30 miles away! It reminds me of home.

Posted by
Ryan C

All the great reviews are from people who dont get out much. This place is the definition of average. Employees are all really young and poorly trained. You get what you pay for, and this place proves that. The prices are low but so is the quality. Oh, and watch out for the tacky food cart while your there. And whats up with the random, unfinished/unpainted wood 2x4 accross the middle of the ceiling to hold up a curtain? Not sure if the place is still under construction or their interior decorator quit mid project. If your looking for a place to take the kids, this is it. The food is good enough for kids or people who arent out a lot. Otherwise, head to Nello's for 100 times better pizza. We had some Pasta with pink sauce which was the highlight of our night. It was pretty good.

Posted by
a Yahoo! Local User

It's so evident that everything is homemade and fresh that with every bite you hear yourself exclaiming "this is incredible". Walking into Salerno's is like going back to your favorite place on the south side of Chicago. I have tried everything from the pizza (which is loaded with the toppings of your choice no being stingy that's for sure) to the fresh veal parm which is melt in your mouth stuff. Don't be surprised to see the family walk around greeting people asking, "How ya doin?" What a testament to the wonderful Mom and Pop places one remembers in the old neighborhoods back in the day. When I invite a guest for dinner or lunch I always take them to Salerno's and it very quickly becomes their favorite place as well. If you are a fan of authentic homemade Italian food this is the place you have been searching for.

Posted by

Excellent. Really lived up to the great ratings here. Pickup at the back of the building gives you the feeling this is a real secret!!

Posted by

Salerno's is the best pizza I've ever eaten in the valley and I've been here 24 years. The cheese they import from Wisconson makes all the difference and the toppings are great, especially the sausage. SAD NEWS though, they've closed their sit down restaurant and now only do pick-up orders and catering. Don't let that stop you, you'll love this melt-in-your-mouth pizza.

Posted by

Best Pizza around: Hands down the best pizza you'll find in Gilbert/Mesa area. We've tried them all and Salerno's is the best. Great entree's as well. Try the fresh Veal, you won't be disappointed. Check them out!

Posted by

What a find, real italian food in Gilbert az, amazing food,price,and the portions are ,well lets just say ive been talking about this place since i ate there and i am a real New York Italian kid.

Posted by
Jenny S

The BEST Italian food in the world!!!! No foolin' If you've never had their thick crust sausage pizza you haven't lived. It's the best, Full of rich and creamy cheese and the most flavorful sausage EVER!!! We travel fiftyfive miles to get the BEST EVER!!!!

Posted by

GOOD NEWS!! Restaurant is open and has been since fall of 2009. Have been in there 3 times & never disappointed. the Eggplant Parmesan so for my favorite & the pizza. They sell their homesausage too! Everyone I have taken there or recommended it to have loved it. Can't go wrong. Judy in Mesa

Posted by

You people that think this pizza is bad have no idea what a good pizza is. We are from Berwyn,Il. where the original Salerno's was located and this is the best pizza in Arizona,as a matter of fact we travel about 40 miles 1 way just to get(my fix) a pie from there.I have heard that Barros pizza is the #1 rated so called "Chicago Style" pizza,well we ordered 1 a couple of weeks ago,had 1 piece and threw the so called pizza in the garbage. If you want a really good pizza the way pizza is supposed to be then I suggest you go the Salernos in Gilbert. It's as good as one could get without having to go to Hodgkins,Il. There pies are the best!!!!!

Posted by

Salerno's cures homesick Chicagoans with one bite! No other pizza in Arizona will do.....thin or thick crust, lots of toppings to choose all delicious! Try it you'll be hooked too.

Posted by

I took my mother & granddaughter there for lunch the other day... we ended up getting dinners.. OMG... So So good!! Don't know why we hadn't gone there before!! But we can't wait to come back and try some pizza! They make the BEST red sauce I've ever had!!!

Posted by
Nick From MCLD!

It's a (Chicago style) Italian place! OH MAN, ITS THE BEST 4 SURE!!! This place is what i call a hidden gem! I go there at least one a week with my buddies for their lunch special... From what i can tell, its family owned & grandma/grandpa are still in the back making the meals! I usually get the BAKED MOSTACCIOLI & a slice of pie! The mostaccioli! WOW!! I like it a lil burned (yes, but wait for it) This caramelizes the cheese & noodle goooood! The pizza! No where else in AZ that i know does it better than them! The cheese Ay maron!! friggen good! man! fo-get-about-it! If you see Ross tell Nick from the library says "get back to work or I'm telling Nana"!

Posted by

We got the Chicago-style thick crust for the bacon and onion pizza and tried the thinner crust on the sausage pizza.

Posted by
Danielle C.

Great pizza. I was thrilled to try something new. I convinced my mom to skip little ceasars and go for something more authentic. We both left full and will come back for more!

Posted by

The best Chicago style pizza around. The decor is plane although they are having a band and a full house on Sat night. Waiters are local help but the food is worth waiting for. Casual dining. Tah tah diners stay away! Andyes most of the food is made from scratch all except the cart which is not suppose to be eaten! Brooka stay home.

Posted by
Yelp Sucks

This place never let's me down. The food is consistently good and the service is great. Try the pizza or the Fresh veal Parmigiana you will not regret it.

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