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Last updated 8.9.2011

Menu: buffalo wings, roasted chicken, garlic bread, caesar salad, bbq chicken, salad bar, green salad, linguica, gourmet sandwiches, garden salad, american pizza, veggie sandwich, mixed green salad, chicken italian, white meat chicken

Specialties Other: Video Games, Great Sandwiches, Big Screen Tv, Beer & Wine, 24-Item Salad Bar

Keywords: Banquet Rooms, Carry Out & Take Out, Restaurants, Pizza

Reviews (9) Write a review
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Unfriendly, disinterested staff serving over-priced, over-cooked pizza in a filthy environment. My first and LAST experience at this Round Table.

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Round table has one of the best pizza's around. However... they are kind of pricy and take a long time to cook. The food is great but not the price.

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Excellent pizza - a little pricey - but worth the money!

Posted by
Mark L

Great Food: Take out - great food. quite expensive though! Restaurant - not that great. Wouldn't eat in.

Posted by

The worst Round Table I have ever been too. My wife and I arrived arrived at 12:30 p.m., well into the lunch special. There were only two customers in the place. There were also only 2 pieces of old pizza at the buffet. So we ate salad, lots of it. We kept being told by the rude, lethargic, counter girl(Aglael) "more are coming". Then a group of about 17 people showed up for a party. Still no pizza. I watched Algael take out 5 pizza's and leave them on a shelf behind the counter and bring them out one at a time about every ten minutes. Every time a pizza came out the rude group would rush to the buffet and take EVERY peice. We almost got into a fight with them after the 3rd pizza because my wife and I still had not gotten any pizza. It became a game for them, to beat us to the buffet. They were laughing and joking about it. We left and the group started mouthing off and giving us a hard time. A bunch of rude hispanic young people. Punks. We obvioulsy will NEVER come back to this place.

Posted by

I am very unhappy and disappointed with my experiance. I have always loved round table and thought that they make the best pizza. I called in for a delivery and the girl who took my order placed it wrong, I called again to fix the problem and the girl was very rude and blamed the mistake on me. I spent thirty dollars on a pizza that I don't even want and recieved horrible service.

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wow i have not lived in Gilroy for years but i really like round table pizza o when i was in town Oct 31 2011 i called to order a pizza for delivery the girl taking orders must have been about as smart as a bucket of rocks. Now I'm used to dealing with poor service but the girl was just to much after giving her my address 3 times and having to spell the street name out for her "Miller ave " tuff one she still couldn't get it right anyways will not be ordering from this place again. it's too bad too had very good memories of being a child and going there after baseball games

Posted by
Happy D.

I'm giving Round Table Pizza four stars because their pizza is great but expensive. I can't justify paying so much for one pizza even if it's so darn good. PROS: Yummy CONS: Very Expensive

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