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Last updated 3.13.2012

Menu: brownies, potato salad, chocolate cake, pasta salad, chicken noodle soup, ice cream cake, french fries, roasted chicken, grilled chicken, bbq chicken, vanilla ice cream, tomato basil soup, chicken tenders, ice cream sandwich, salad bar

Cuisine: Pizzeria

Keywords: Carry Out & Take Out, Restaurants, American Restaurants, Pizza

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Japanese Adventurer

The direct dial number for this branch is 408-842-579.

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We just had my son's 8th birthday party at this location and were pleasantly surprised at how good the food was. The pizza used to taste like frozen pizza, but this time many of our guests commented on how good it was. We also ordered buffalo wings for the adults and everyone liked them so much that we ordered two more trays. One tip for parents hosting a party though, would be to have them bring out all of the food you've ordered at once. We waited on one pizza and it took too long to get it once we asked for it. Lesson learned for next time. We did the Super Party option, so all drinks were included and the kids got cute Chuck E. Bobble head cups as souvenirs and a mylar balloon. My son loved the birthday show and getting to go in the Ticket Blaster. The super package also gave each kid 36 tokens, which was a good start. I ordered online and did a Sunday party which gave us an extra 100+ tokens to divide between the kids. We also did the Pinata for 19.99 which was a fun activity and it had candy and more tickets so the kids really enjoyed it. The restaurant was clean and so were the restrooms. My only complaint was that some of the games were not working properly so we had to go get an attendant to fix them, but game attendants were in short supply. Overall, we were very happy with our experience at Chuck E. Cheese and will surely do a party there again. We had about 17 adults and 13 kids and our party total was 357.00. Not bad for showing up, partying and leaving. I've hosted many parties at home and at the park that top 500.00 easily and then you're left with all of the clean up.

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