5 Pizza Records You Can Try and Beat

Pizza has a long and storied history, and tossed about like a fine dough are numerous records and milestones that are seemingly unbeatable to the average person. Of course, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make a concerted effort at breaking some of these records, even if you will most likely go mad doing so.

World’s Largest Pizza

The world’s largest pizza ever was made in Johannesburg, South Africa and measured an astounding 37.4 meters in diameter. The record has been maintained since 1990, and was met with the help of 500 kg of flour, 800 kg of cheese, and 900 kg of tomato. Given the additional cost of other toppings, it’s safe to presume this boring but large pizza was plain cheese.

Now, most ordinary people don’t have the resources to make such a pizza, but this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try. This especially holds true if you’re an eccentric billionaire who wants another fifteen minutes of fame by feeding such a concoction to hundreds of needy children.

While a lot of money is essential at making a record-breaking pizza, the question of how to cook it comes up. Now, in everything related to the record there is no mention that the pizza was actually cooked, meaning you can conceivably get away with making a new record holding pizza without having to find an oven big enough to melt 800+ kg of cheese.

When in doubt: flamethrowers.

Eating the Most Pizza

This contest will probably kill you, but hey, no guts no glory. Back in 2006, a Romanian man by the name of Cristian Dumitru ate 200 pounds of pizza in a week. That’s not a typo, and as far as I know, Dumitru is still alive and presumably still trying to digest all that pizza. Dumitru took the record from tiny Asian competitive eater Takeru Kobayashi, who got all indignant at having to give up one of the most worthless titles in history, stating that the “sauce to cheese ratio” was too low for it to be considered pizza. Maybe he broke the record at a CiCi’s.

This one is a lot easier to break than the one above, but it’s definitely going to cost you a decent chunk of change to accomplish. Since Dumitru accomplished this task in a week, it’s safe to say that any everyman can do the same, but only if he eats slowly and has the fastest metabolism in the world. It was never stated if the pizzas had toppings, but I guess in the end it all comes down to the final weight of the pizza.

The sad thing is that Dumitru is probably super tiny while you gain five pounds just looking at a slice of cake.

Longest Pizza Delivery

Once again South Africa is in the pizza headlines, this time as the originator of the world’s longest pizza delivery. In 2001, Bernard Jordaan made the trek from Capetown, South Africa to Sydney, Australia, covering 6,861 miles. In an crazy twist, the record was broken a mere three years later, this time by a man in Feltham, England, who traveled over 10,000 miles to Melbourne, Australia to deliver a vegetarian pizza. That must be some good pizza.

Ok, so the only people who can conceivably break this record are dedicated restauranteurs or people who are really freakin’ bored and hemorrhaging money, but it’s still within the realm of reality. Even if it means buying a pizza and delivering it by hand to someone (you know, for funsies),  it is possible to break this record.

Fastest Pizza Maker

I used to work for record holder Dennis Tran, who in 2008 appeared on the Early Show and made three large pizzas in about 40 seconds. Fast forward four years to 2012, and the newest holder of the coveted title of “Fastest Pizza Maker” belongs to Pali Grewel, a United Kingdom-based Domino’s Pizza franchisee who made three large pizzas in 43.9 seconds.

Of all the records listed here, this is probably the easiest one to beat. All it takes is some practice, speed, and concentration, and you can be well on your way to becoming the fastest pizza maker in the world. And the competition is no small thing. It’s held every year in Vegas by Domino’s and is attended by more than 4,000 people. The grand prize is $3,000 and a trophy, and presumably the weirdest bragging rights ever.


Most Pizza Consumed in 5 Minutes

In 2008, Pat Bertoletti ate seventeen slices of pizza in five minutes. Much like the 200 pounds of pizza eaten a week, this is an extreme goal, and one guaranteed to make you better acquainted with your toilet a few hours later. But unlike that goal, it’s easy for anyone to accomplish due to the low cost of acquiring the pizza needed. Seventeen slices is a mere two large pizzas plus one extra slice, so if you have a coupon you can probably beat the record with a mere $25-30 and an expanded stomach.

Posted on June 12, 2012 at 9:00 AM