5 Reasons to Order Pizza Online

Ordering pizza online presents a number of benefits not afforded to those who prefer the traditional method of picking up the phone and speaking to a live human being. Not only is it incredibly convenient, but it allows you to leave funny notes and instructions that serve no purpose beyond making the staff of the pizza place laugh.

Here are five reasons to order pizza online.

1. Less Chance of Error

When you call a pizza delivery place, the odds are it’s dinner time and thus in the middle of the busy dinner rush. Order takers are rushing around, helping make boxes, cleaning, and assisting walk-in customers in between taking phone calls, so the odds of them hearing your order clearly is pretty slim, especially given how loud the restaurant is.

By ordering online, not only do you free up the order takers, allowing them a much needed respite from the fools who have no idea what they want when they call, but you greatly reduce the risk of your order being messed up. Of course, this doesn’t mean that your order will always be perfect; I’ve ordered pizza online only to discover that they got it wrong. But this is the risk you take when you order pizza during a particularly busy time of the day. With online ordering, however, the chances of this occurring are greatly diminished.


2. More Coupons

When people order over the phone, they’re often doing so without the benefit of coupons. Many pizza places require a coupon code, or that you have the coupon present when the driver arrives. As a result, many people who order over the phone don’t have coupons and incur the wrath of overpriced pizza and sides. For example, many restaurants carry coupons that reduce the price of a single pizza up to 30%. Without that coupon, you can pay upwards of $20 for one large pizza with a couple of toppings after delivery charge and tip is added.

When you order pizza online, the restaurant’s website typically offers a number of online-only coupons, as well as those you might find in newspapers and circulars. Some restaurants will even break it down by type of order. Domino’s Pizza, for example, breaks their online coupons up into number of potential people eating, allowing you to make a good decision based on the number of people in your party and how much you want to spend.

As an added bonus, search-savvy individuals can find coupon codes on various websites that aggregate coupons, expanding the choices you have. Unfortunately, it’s rather difficult to find working coupon codes, but if you the time to spare, they can be found.

3. The Possibility of Hilarity

The Internet is home to a subculture of pranksters and jokesters. These individuals typically call reddit and 4chan their home, and while many of them use their powers for evil, most are decent and good people who simply want nothing more than for the pizza delivery person to draw funny cartoons on the pizza so they can post it on the Internet and get a modicum of attention.

When you order online, there is typically an area for you to put in special instructions. This area is typically reserved for USEFUL instructions, such as where the house is located, whether or not to ring the doorbell or knock, or the old “Beware of Dog” warning. Of course, why do that when you can try and get the workers to draw something?

If you’re lucky enough, the person on the other end of the order will have a sense of humor and honor your request to draw a unicorn, or dragon, or dragon unicorn riding a Harley. If your wish is granted, it’s a good bet that the artist is well-versed in the world of Internet gags, meaning you have made a friend for life, even if you don’t know it yet.


4. Donations

When you order pizza over the phone, the goal is to get off it as quickly as possible and thus hasten the arrival of your tasty, greasy pizza. As a result, the opportunity to donate to charities is non-existent...unless you order online.

Although this is relegated to major pizza chains such as Pizza Hut and Domino’s Pizza, online order often affords you the opportunity to donate a buck or two to whatever charity said pizza place is sponsoring. It’s incredibly simple when you order online, accomplished with just the click of a radio button before you submit your order, and it can easily be added to your credit card.

So not only do you get tasty, tasty pizza, but you feel slightly less guilty shoveling it into your face.


5. Pizza Tracker!

Ok, so this is limited entirely to Domino’s Pizza, but their pizza tracker is an absolutely ingenious creation. When you order a pizza online, an animated tracking device, complete with changeable backgrounds, gives you real time updates on the preparation, cooking, quality checking, and delivery of your order. It even tells you who is preparing the pizza, which is really funny when someone named Jesus is making it.

The best part of the pizza tracker is its inherent ability to warn you when it’s time to finally put on pants. Sure, you can always estimate the time based on when your order taker said the pizza would arrive, but there’s always room for error. The online pizza tracker updates on you on each process, and by the time it gets to “out for delivery,” you’ll have a good idea of when you should put down the remote control and slip on those pants with the elastic waistband that make you ignore how fat the pizza you’re eating is making you.

Posted on May 29, 2012 at 9:00 AM