The Best Pizza Memes on the Internet

Popularized in Richard Dawkins’ influential book The Selfish Gene, a meme is described as "an idea, behavior or style that spreads from person to person within a culture." While we can’t be 100% sure that Dawkins intended his definition of a meme to become nothing more than a vessel for jokes on the Internet, we’d like to them him anyway. So thank you, Richard Dawkins. You’ve made the Internet an amazing place.

Here are some of the best pizza-related memes in existence.

Every. Single. Time.

One of the biggest complaints surrounding pizza - you know, beside it not being the healthiest food in the world and thus capable of being consumed every hour of every day - is the fact that it can be incredibly difficult to eat. The puddles of grease notwithstanding, if you order extra cheese, prepare to stretch that pizza as far as it can go.

Cheese has a tendency to be gooey, so if a lot of it is piled onto the pizza, then a long trail of cheese incapable of being bitten off by teeth is a common site. In the end, grabbing it with your finger while trying not to burn yourself is the best way to go about it. Unless, of course, you’re our dear Rage Face’d friend in the above gif, who brings pizza stretching to new heights.


Shut Up and Take My Money

Applicable to more than just pizza, the hilarious Futurama meme, wherein Phillip J. Fry furiously shakes a handful of cash accompanied by the caption “Shut up and take my money!” With the advent of increasingly bizarre pizza concoctions (i.e. anything from Japan), the phrase takes on a whole new meaning.

Take, for example, the above image. Pizza Hut has taken their Stuffed Crust pizza in a new direction, eschewing gooey mozzarella cheese in favor of hotdogs baked right into the crust. It’s certainly not the craziest pizza out there, but as a self-proclaimed lover of pizza, the image of Fry demanding someone take his money for such an absurd creation is an appropriate use of the meme.


I Ordered Some Sits

Although a relatively new meme, “If I fits, I sits” has taken the Internet by storm. The concept is relatively simple: If an animal, typically a feline, can fit in something, it has the authority to do so. This meme is especially popular with cats, since cats are pretty much the dominant resident of any house, doing what they want, when they want. How many of you have had a cat come sit on your laptop keyboard while you’re using it?

It works with pizza, too. Take the above meme for example. Not only does it feature a cat, but it features a perfect integration of the “sits” meme and the dominance a cat has over its owner. It’s a meme two-fer, and it’s downright hilarious.


“Yo, we heard you like pizza...”

Several years ago, rapper Xzibit was the host of a show on MTV called “Pimp My Ride.” The premise was simple: Beat up cars were given a complete makeover, often with hilarious results. He and his team would often put outrageous items, such as fish tanks and disco balls, in the cars, and this eventually lead to a recursive meme wherein a smiling Xzibit was shown accompanying a picture of something within something.

Recently, the “inception pizza,” which features mini pizzas on top of pizzas, has been making the rounds on the Internet. The above is thus a perfect example of this recursive meme, which, if it was captioned, would sound a little like this: “Yo dawg, I heard you like pizza, so we put a pizza on your pizza so you can enjoy a pizza while you eat your pizza.” Repeat ad infinitum.


You Don’t Say

Everyone loves Nicolas Cage. He’s basically a meme factory, with his many performances inspiring a number of hilarious cartoons. One in particular originates from the 1988 comedy Vampire’s Kiss. It is often used as a sarcastic response to an obvious statement, and has thus become incredibly popular on the Internet, since most people on the Internet are very stupid.

Within the realm of pizza, we are given the above meme wherein the Sarcasto-Cage (I just made that up) is used in response to a pizza box asking the consumer to “open before eating,” as if there was any other way.


Pizza is a Vegetable

A few years back Congress declared pizza a vegetable. Ok, so that’s not ENTIRELY true, but the decision to label a tomato - and thus tomato sauce - representative of a serving of vegetables, which prompted people to jump all over the decision and make a billion hilarious jokes about it. And thus the “pizza is a vegetable” meme was born.

And even Pizza Hut was getting in on the fun, with one store changing their marquee to state “Now Serving Vegetables!” It’s all in good fun, despite the fact that it was nothing more than an attempt to prevent the Obama administration from making school lunches healthier.


Fat Asian Kid

The Internet is fair game when it comes to insulting people, and no one is off limits, not even a chubby Asian kid. After his image appeared on the Internet, he quickly became a meme that typically focused on food or eating. After all, what else is it going focus on?

On, user PrinnyDood created the above image, which features the delightful child ordering pizza. It calls to mind Ron Swanson from Parks & Recreation, who after a long day went to order some bacon and eggs, stating “Bring me all the bacon and eggs you have.”


You Wouldn’t Download a Pizza

To help combat piracy, extreme and often odd measures are used, both in the realm of new laws and advertisements. One such example of this is the “You wouldn’t download a car” marketing campaign, which suggests that download music is bad because you wouldn’t download a car if given the chance. I mean, I totally would, but their logic is clearly flawed.

On the other end of the spectrum is the “Challenge Accepted” rage face character. Arms crossed and determined, he has become a symbol for overcoming the impossible. Would you download a pizza? He certainly would.


Posted on June 26, 2012 at 9:00 AM