Divine Pizza: 3 Instances of Seeing Jesus in a Pizza

It’s in the news all the time: Someone, typically a person of faith (though sometimes a con artist), believes that their burnt piece of toast or a knot has become divinely blessed with the image of Jesus Christ. It’s not rare to see someone’s faith manifest itself in the form of visual trickery, and nothing is spared. From the aforementioned toast to pizza, apparently the Lord and Savior gets around, making brief appearances in food as if to fully get the “eat for this is my body” point across to his millions upon millions of fans.

Here are three instances where Jesus has apparently manifested his image in pizza or pizza-related items.

The Holy Pizza Pie

Dubbed “Lord Cheesus,” a three-cheese pizza baked in New Farm, Brisbane’s Posh Pizza came out of the oven with what appears to be the Lord Jesus Christ’s image formed out of some wayward cheese in the middle of the pie. The image, purportedly created without any trickery by Maree Phelan, has been accepted as little more than a coincidence, with even a local Catholic professor, Patrick McArdle, laughing it off. Since the “miracle pizza,” which apparently prevented the owner of the store from getting a parking ticket after he parked in a loading zone, can be verified through scientific means, says McArdle, it’s most certainly not a miracle.

That doesn’t mean it doesn’t have strong implications, however. McArdle goes on to say that if the pizza, whether it shows an image of Jesus Christ or Christian Bale, brings people closer to Jesus Christ and God, then it’s a good thing, even if we all laugh a little at it. On the flip side of the coin, a local skeptic by the name of Richard Saunders stated that given the sheer number of pizzas made in the world on a daily basis, it’s only natural to assume that one would come out looking like a face.

There certainly isn’t a face more recognizable than Jesus, that’s for sure.


The Sacred Sauce

In between helping starving kids in Africa and just generally making the world a better place to live, Jesus is apparently spending some time in buckets of pizza sauce. At least that’s what Mary Louise Salerno of West Scranton’s Brownie’s Famous Pizzeria thinks after she discovered an image of his Holiness in a bucket of sauce on the first day of Lent. Add in the fact that she was currently engaged in a conversation with her granddaughter who was troubled over her diminishing faith.

That’s when she saw the image, plastered to the side of a white bucket. It’s difficult to make out, but it does indeed look a little bit like Jesus. The image was seen as a sign for a number of reasons, the first of which being the aforementioned granddaughter’s lack of faith, and the second being its timing. Apparently Lent means an increase in pizza sales, as Catholics aren’t allowed to eat meat during this time. Since it appeared in a pizza place, it can only mean that God chose Brownie’s to help spread the word. Or something like that.

The bucket was placed in a cooler, a video was made, and after a few days, it was finally washed. Whether or not you’re a believer, it’s absolutely inspiring that someone’s faith can be made stronger through a glob of pizza sauce on the side of a piece of plastic.


The Pan of the Lord

In one of the more...confusing examples of seeing Jesus in an inanimate object, a man in Mansfield, Massachusetts felt divinely inspired when he claims he saw the image of Jesus burnt into an old pizza pan.

Due to the economy, Josh Mather’s sports pub was forced out of his business, which in turn forced him to move a lot of his equipment into his garage. Then, the day before the Catholic holiday of Ash Wednesday, he opened the garage only to be met with what he claims is the face of Jesus Christ. It “took (his) breath away.”

Given the timing of the supposed appearance of Jesus Christ in a burnt metal pan, Mather’s faith was slightly restored. A non-believer who hadn’t been to church in 20 years, he sees the pan as a sign that everything is going to be ok. More power to ya, Josh. Whatever keeps you going.

Posted on September 25, 2012 at 9:00 AM