7 Weirdest Pizza Toppings Around the World

There are some pizza toppings out there that some might consider unusual, or weird, or even stomach turning. Most of these include items such as a fried egg, pineapple, and even sauerkraut. While these might seem odd to you, they got nothing on some of the toppings made available around the world.

Squid Ink: Yes, squid ink. Acquire, a video game company in Japan, partnered with Pizza California to create a themed pizza based on Acquire’s newest game for the Playstation Vita, “Sumiomi.”

One of the major aspects of the game is ink, so in their infinite wisdom they conjured up this monstrosity of a pizza that contains four cheeses, tomatoes, basil, squid, tomato sauce, and ikasumi (squid ink).

The promotion for this pizza kicked off in early February and ends at the end of March, so you have a limited time to taste what looks to be one of the nastiest concoctions in the history of pizza. (Link)

Banana Curry: It doesn’t matter what anyone says, fruit doesn’t belong on a pizza, let alone fruit seasoned with curry powder. While curry alone, or curry-flavored chicken, might make for an interesting, albeit unusual pizza topping (after all, buffalo chicken pizza exists, why not curry?), the combination of bananas and curry seems like a horrible mix.

This type of pizza is common in Sweden, and can apparently be found under the “Classic Pizzas” heading on most menus. It is often served with smoked ham, though you can probably get away without including it if you’re not a meat eater. (Link)

Maple Syrup: Although not as weird as some of the other toppings on this list, maple syrup has become a mildly popular pizza topping, especially at the Maple Syrup Festival Weekend in Shepherd, MI.

All it takes is an ordinary pizza with the requisite dough, sauce, and cheese, topped with a small amount of maple syrup. One can only imagine how sweet the flavor is, or if it goes well with pizza sauce, but if you add a little bacon to the top of the cheese, you just might find it’s a tasty alternative to your old standby. (Link)

“Grand Prix” Pizza: The Grand Prix Pizza is an entity unto itself, and guaranteed to make even the most adventurous of eaters a little queasy. Found at the popular local pizza joint Mr. Pizza in South Korea, the Grand Prix is a monstrosity of a pizza.

One one side of the pizza you will find Cajun shrimp, bell peppers, olives, and mushroom; on the other side you’ll find potato wedges, bacon, crushed tortilla chips, and sour cream. And that’s just the toppings. The dough itself is filled with potato mousse and made out of cookie dough, sprinkled with sunflower seeds, pumpkins seeds, and raisins. It also comes with a blueberry source for dipping.

The pizza will run you about $19, or ?24,500, and I don’t think many people will want to share it with you. (Link, Photo)

Fried Egg: Probably one of the least weird items on this list, it’s not entirely uncommon to find a fried egg on a list of menu toppings at a pizza joint. While the idea of a yolk-soaked pizza might sound unappealing, one should consider how awesome a fried egg is on a burger before immediately discounting this.

The worst part would probably be the co-mingling of the pizza sauce and the yolk, though if you replaced the sauce with buffalo sauce and made it a buffalo chicken pizza with a fried egg on top, the taste might be more enjoyable. (Photo)

Caviar: The brainchild of New York restaurateur Nino Selimaj, the Luxury Pizza is an opulent 12-inch pizza that contains caviar, lobster, crème fraiche, and chives. It can only be made if ordered 24 hours in advance, and can only be found at Nino’s Bellissima restaurant in New York.

Of the four ingredients on this extravagant pie, caviar is certainly the weirdest, as seafood is a relatively common pizza topping around the world (though certainly not as common as, say, pepperoni). Nothing says bon appetit like salty fish eggs on your pizza. (Link)

Shrimp/Mayo/Crab: This bizarre mix of toppings comes courtesy of Pizza Hut Japan. The crust is made of small bites of dough surrounding mayo crab meat (as opposed to cheese), while the toppings contain what is called “Demigura King.” Unfortunately, no description can be found detailing what that entails.

A quick search revealed it to mean “demiglace,” which is a type of gravy, though close inspection of the photo reveals what looks to be meatballs and broccoli, among other unconventional toppings. This product is definitely not for the weak of heart or those with an aversion to clashing tastes. (Link)

Posted on March 8, 2012 at 5:28 PM