Six Tips for People Who Order Pizza

For many, ordering a pizza is a simple task, devoid of anything that resembles thought or common sense. Simply call (or order online), and wait for the tasty, greasy pizza to arrive at your door so you can indulge in gluttony. Unfortunately, many people who order pizza fail to consider the fact that someone has to take the order, someone has to cook it, and someone has to deliver it to you. As a result, many people fail to think of anything but their voracious hunger and thus in turn fail to take into consideration the feelings of the people who helped satisfy your hunger.

Here are a few tips to make the pizza ordering experience much easier for everyone involved.

1. Make Sure You Know What You Want Before Ordering

This typically includes “Don’t be drunk when ordering,” but all too often people will call a pizza delivery place and, completely oblivious to the fact that they’re probably busy and the order taker doesn’t have all day to listen to you ramble endlessly about the possible options, take upwards of ten minutes just to order a large cheese pizza. This can be fixed by simply spending 5-10 minutes before you call to go over the options and all the necessary deals to make sure you’re on and off the phone is the quickest amount of time possible. Not only will this ensure your pizza gets to you faster, but your order taker will be forever grateful for making his or her job easier.


2. Don’t Order Your Pizza Well Done

Making a well-done pizza is as simple a taking the pizza and popping back into the oven for another run-through to make it nice and extra crispy. While you’re allowed to have your own personal tastes, know that ordering a pizza well-done is a surefire way to seriously tick off the cook making your pizza. Yes, it may seem like a perfectly suitable request, but know that if it’s ordered during the peak hours, when upwards of 10 pizzas are in the oven at once, a well-done pizza runs the risk of becoming too well done, as well as a pain for the cook to keep track of when he or she is running around the incredibly hot kitchen making food for hundreds of hungry people.


3. Don’t Prank the Pizza Place

This should go without saying, but unless you’re a really bored twelve year old, don’t even think of prank calling a pizza place. Once again falling under the category of “Don’t be drunk when ordering,” prank calling a pizza place is childish and unfair to those simply trying to do their jobs. So don’t order 100 pizzas and have it delivered to someone that doesn’t exist, and don’t try and create complex pizzas with the express purpose of confusing the order taker.

4. Make Sure You’re Home After You Order

All too often people will order a pizza, then think they have enough time to run to the store. News flash: You don’t. Unless it’s a high volume time, most delivery drivers are capable of getting to your home very quickly, so running out and grabbing cheap drinks or some beer to have with dinner is never recommended. Traffic, an accident, a last minute decision to stop somewhere else, all of these could delay your return home, prompting the delivery driver to arrive to an empty home. Not only will this upset the driver, since he or she is now out a tip (hopefully you planned on tipping well), but you’ll have to go through the rigmarole of ordering again or having the driver return, which typically results in a cold pizza. It’s a lose-lose situation.

5. Make Sure Your House is Easy to Find

One of the biggest pet peeves for delivery drivers - aside from not getting tipped, of course - is not being able to find a residence. This could be due to poorly lit house numbers or the owner deciding that living in a secluded forest straight out of a horror movie was the right decision, but whatever the reason may be, it’s a great way to upset a delivery driver. You can fix these problems by giving detailed instructions to the order taker, as well as by ensuring your house numbers are well lit. One little trick that works is letting the order taker know of any distinguishing characteristics of your home or the surrounding area to help guide the driver to your home in the least amount of time.


6. Drivers Remember

Finally, when you order a pizza, know that delivery drivers truly do deserve to be tipped. They’re bringing food to you because you’re too lazy to go get it yourself, so make sure you give them an appropriate tip. They use their own cars, pay for their own gas, and deal with the possibility of getting into a horrible accident with every working day, so tipping is certainly deserved. But you need to remember one thing: Delivery drivers remember who tips, who doesn’t, and whether or not your home is a pain in the butt to find, and while most are good, honest, and ethical people, there’s always the one who’s not above doing something to your food.

Posted on August 7, 2012 at 9:00 AM