Unlikely Meat Toppings for Pizza

Pizza from around the world and even in our own backyard is often known for breaking away from traditional toppings and utilizing meats and other foods you might not typically expect to see covering your pie. From entire hamburgers and french fries to squid ink, these pizzas are often reserved for the truly adventurous eaters, or simply those with a death wish.

One of the most common toppings on a pizza is pepperoni, a type of salami made from pork or beef that is red in color and possessing a smoky taste. Other types of meat toppings include beef, Italian sausage, chicken (which can be flavored, like in a buffalo chicken pizza), Canadian bacon, bacon, and ham. These toppings are typically included on most pizza restaurant menus, along with a variety of vegetables and other items. But what if you want to eat outside your comfort zone and desire a slightly....different meat topping on your pizza? Here are some obscure meats you can add to your pizza, if you dare.

Snakes / Spiders / Scorpions

Let’s start this off with a dangerous bang. For Ismail Ertekin, a pizza chef based in Switzerland, having a staring contest with the grim reaper is an ideal way to enjoy his pizza laced with small amounts of venomous spiders, snakes, and scorpions. Ertekin, who hails from Croatia, firmly believes in the homeopathic properties the venom might hold, but unfortunately, he is unable to sell his insane pizza at his restaurant in Zurich due to what he deems a skewed perspective from health officials. Ertekin cites preservatives in foods as being far more dangerous than a small amount of poison in the creatures he serves atop his pizzas. Six of one, half dozen of the other, am I right?




Exotic meats can be purchased in most cities, but if you’re unable to find a local butcher shop that specializes in selling gator, ostrich, and even lion, then they can easily be found online. For a true exotic meat experience, however, head on down to Australia for an authentic kangaroo pizza. Yes, these adorable marsupials also taste great on a pizza, especially when combined with local favorites emu and alligator. Described by those who have tried it as “gamey,” it’s rather difficult to find here in the states, but you can always order it online and make your own!




Likely the least esoteric of all the meats on this list, shrimp has become a popular topping on pizzas both in the states and around the world. Several pizza restaurants in Japan and Korea specialize in pizzas that utilize shrimp as a primary topping, yet its weirdness comes less from the shrimp and more from the topping it’s joined by on the pizza. Toppings such as mayo, squid ink, potato, sunflower seeds, raisins, corn, and salsa. In the end, the shrimp is likely the least of your worries, that is, until you try the mayo-infused shrimp bites used as a crust from a Korean Pizza Hut. Of course, if prepared properly, shrimp can provide a delightfully unique flavor, aiding in the creation of a traditional Cajun pizza or as a simple standalone meat for something slightly different.

Hot Dogs

Hot dogs are best eaten in between a bun and topped with ketchup and mustard, but a hot dog pizza can be a good alternative. Given young kids’ predilection toward cut-up hot dogs, including them on a pizza seems like a no brainer. Recently, Pizza Hut has taken the love of hot dogs and combined it with the now-classic Stuffed Crust Pizza, replacing the cheese in the crust with hot dogs. It even comes with honey mustard and ketchup dipping sauce.

Actually, that doesn’t sound half bad.



Chicken Nuggets

Although chicken is often found on pizza, its the form that determines whether or not it can be considered an “unlikely topping.” While buffalo chicken pizza and chicken parmesan pizza is common, it’s a safe bet that chicken nuggets, particularly those from McDonald’s, fall just to the right of the uncommon spectrum and into “absolutely crazy.” Basically there exists a pizza that includes a mix of three of McDonald’s most popular items: Hamburgers, french fries, and Chicken McNuggets. Not only that, they’re all placed on top of a pizza crust slathered in pizza sauce but missing the cheese. How one is supposed to eat it is beyond us, but you can safely say that Chicken McNuggets are definitely one of the most unlikely meat toppings found on a pizza.

Exotic Pepperoni

It’s one of the most popular toppings, but only if you get it in its traditional pork or beef format. Thankfully, there does exist a more obscure pepperoni trade, made from non-traditional meats such as gator, buffalo, llama, ostrich, elk, and rabbit meat. This pepperoni has to be specially ordered from exotic meat markets, and is made with the express purpose of being used on a pizza. It’s a great way to spice up pizza night and try new meats without leaving your comfort zone.


Posted on November 6, 2012 at 9:51 AM