The World's Most Expensive Pizzas

When ordering pizza, coupons are your best friend. Unfortunately, coupons don’t exists for the world’s most expensive pizzas, and they certainly don’t offer a buy one get one free option. Here are six of the most expensive pizzas throughout the world.

The (Former) Record Holder

When it comes to being “the most” anything, nothing matters more than being recognized by The Guinness Book of World Records. While many pizzas claim to be “expensive,” only one holds the distinction of being the most expensive and being commercially available to the public. The winner? A thin crust pizza courtesy of celebrity chef Gordon Ramsey’s Maze restaurant in london.

The pizza, baked in a wood fire and sporting a thin crust, is topped with onion puree (gross), white truffle paste (weird), fontina cheese (tasty), baby mozzarella (normal), pancetta (unique), cep mushrooms (also normal), and freshly pickled wild mizuna lettuce (pickled?). This in turn is given a dusting of rare Italian white truffle shavings.

The pizza is sold for about $178 each, a small number compared to some other pizzas considered “expensive,” but you have to remember that this pizza is actually commercially available. But the interesting part isn’t the price of the pizza, but the price of the toppings. The “rare” Italian white truffle is worth $2,500 per kilogram, with its availability determining the overall cost of the pizza.

No word on whether or not Ramsey went nuts when he learned that his pizza was no longer the record holder.



Another World Record Holder...with Gold

In late 2010, a small pizzeria in Malta called Margo’s is selling a, yup, you guessed it, white truffle pizza. The key difference between this pizza and the one sold at Maze is the inclusion of 24-carat gold leaf on top, which no doubt enhances the flavor of the Buffalo mozzarella cheese.

The pizza retails for $2,382.66, the price of which is based on the price of the truffles. According to the chef at Margo’s, the pizza uses 50-100 grams of the truffle. The pizza has only been ordered on two occasions, both times by a hotelier who apparently had to be convinced not to use tomatoes on the pizza, as their acidity apparently clashes with the taste of the truffles.

And the truffles are indeed the selling point. Owner Claude Camilleri stated that truffles are a special topping, and only quality pizzas are deserving of their presence. As such, Camilleri is extremely confident that his pizzas are worthy. The pizza has to be ordered a week in advance, and can be delivered via courier straight to you, where you will no doubt scarf it down in ten minutes with a cheap Pabst Blue Ribbon.

But for God’s sake, don’t dip it in pizza sauce.



Yet Another...Without Gold

These records just keep bouncing all over the place. While Ramsey’s pizza and Margo’s pizza are similar thanks to the use of the rare white truffle, a pizza place in Vancouver has apparently concocted yet another pizza billed as the world’s most expensive that’s commercially available. The only difference here is that this one doesn’t contain gold.

The pizza, known as the C6, comes courtesy of the Steveston Pizza Company in Vancouver, BC, Canada. It sells for $450 and requires at least a day to make. So what tops this luxurious pizza? More truffles?

Not this time. Instead of truffles you’re given a small, 10” pizza topped with thermidor of lobster with black Alaska cod served with a side of Russian caviar. If that doesn’t get you salivating I don’t know what will. The owner defends these bizarre topping choices by stating that it’s “all about flavor interplay,” with the smoked salmon tying together the rich flavor of the lobster and the saltiness of the caviar.




You can’t let London and Malta and Vancouver have all the fun. Nino Bellissima’s Pizzeria, located in midtown Manhattan, offers up the fine denizens of the Big Apple (and it wealthy tourists) a chance to drop a cool grand on a pizza that once again proves thin crust is all the rage when it comes to weird toppings.

What are these weird toppings, you ask? How about creme fraiche, chives, eight ounces of four different kinds of Petrossian caviar, four ounces of thinly sliced Maine lobster tail, salmon roe, and a little bit of spice with wasabi.Sounds tasty, huh?

The kicker? The pizza won’t be cooked, as it would “spoil the fish.” Apparently the owner thinks “luxury pizza” will soon be all the rage, with his expensive pizza catering toward “Wall Street types.” Makes sense.


The Pizza for Lovers

New York is once again back in the spotlight, this time courtesy of a small Rochester pizzeria known as Favitta’s Family Pizzeria. Although it closed down in 2008, Favitta’s gained a bit of notoriety for offering a pizza that sold for $8,200.

No, that’s not a typo. This pizza, known as the “Pizza for Lovers” and sold around Valentine’s Day, was apparently a heart-shaped pizza that came with a bottle of Dom Perignon and a diamond ring. While the idea of choosing a diamond ring based on a pizza is a little ludicrous, you can’t really deny the mildly clever marketing gimmick. The price of the pizza was determined by the price and size of the diamond, which is really funny, because you wouldn’t think that a pizza is a great food item to accompany jewelry.

Maybe that’s why they closed down.



A $12,000 Pizza Made in Your Own Home

Now we’re just getting crazy. Would you ever spend $12,000 on a pizza? Created by Renato Viola, the “Louis XIII” is a monstrosity of a pizza, containing some of the most bizarre and downright specific toppings you could ever dream of. The real highlight of this pizza is that it’s created and served in your own home.

Yes, by purchasing this self-proclaimed “very expensive pizza,” three individuals - the pizza-maker, a sommelier, and a chef, will bring the ingredients to your home (prepared 72 hours in advance). From there will construct the pizza, which contains the following toppings: Bufala mozzarella, three types of caviar, lobster from Norway and Cilento, and pink Australian sea-salt hand-picked from the Murray River (a more detailed and fancy-sounding list can be found here).

Hi, Pizza Hut? I’d like a large pepperoni and bacon stuffed crust with extra cheese. Thanks.


Posted on July 3, 2012 at 9:00 AM