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Last updated 3.13.2012

Reservations Policy: None

Menu: baked ham, cheese pizza, stuffed pizza, chicago style stuffed pizza

Cuisine: Fast Food,Pizza

Products Other: 24 Hour Locksmith

Brands: All Work Guaranteed

Specialties Other: Tune Ups, Transmission & Auto Repair, Shock's, Engines, Complete Transmission Service, more...Tune Ups, Transmission & Auto Repair, Shock's, Engines, Complete Transmission Service, Brake's, Foreign & Domestic Auto Repair, Drive Shafts & Rear Ends & Axles, Drive Shaft & Rear Ends & Axles

Year Founded: 2003

Keywords: Pizza

Reviews (10) Write a review
Posted by
Pizza loer

this place has the best pizza in lafayette. never had bad service! they now have a NO SMOKING policy!

Posted by
larry jackson

Seem to have no concept of quality service. Nobody knows how to smile or say please and sees you as an interruption. The thin crust crust is fine. but the sauce is bland and cheese is sparse. Assuredly not Bolognese sauce. Load it with lots of Parmasean cheese to help

Posted by

i thought customer was always right?: the employee misunderstood an order I placed, and still wanted to charge for what she thought I ordered, the manager agreed with her, I asked for him and he said he had to waste the food and I should pay for it , he reluctantly only charged for what I wanted and rudely said the misunderstanding went both ways. I have never been treated by a manager this way before. ARNIES excells in customer service!

Posted by
Not Sure

The new ownership of Erna's Greenbush Pizza King has disgraced the Pizza King name. I know some people that worked there. They were treated very unprofessionally and they were employees. Imagine how they treat their 4 customers a day? If you do decide to visit the worst PK in history then please, DO NOT order a slice of their so called "Chicago Style Stuffed Pizza" Your slice could be over 48 hours old, dried out and hard as a rock. They are not sanitary, they are not polite and they treat their employees like children. The lack of proper business operation and rude, unsanitary conditions will hopefully lead to new ownership.

Posted by
a Yahoo! Local User

My family and I buy pizza from here almost every week. Healthwise, its horrible. But they do have salads you can choose from. Great pizza, I love the way they cut it. It doesn't overload the taste bites. The breadsticks are delicious, along with the cheese. Pizza King is deff. the place I love to eat!

Posted by

Fantastic Place to Have Pizza: This is a great place to have pizza. Their pizza is really good. It is really neat that you can watch tv in your own booth while you are waiting for your food. It is also cool that the train brings your drinks to you. We took my niece and nephew and they love it. They cannot wait to go back. If you have kids make sure and take them here. They will enjoy it. They probably will wan't to come back. We also tried their french fries with cheese and bacon on them and they were delicious.

Posted by

best on earth: I have lived and tried pizza from around the world. Pizza King is by far the best I have ever had. The old style oven's help give it the taste. The TV in the booth's and the train delivering the drinks, nobody has that. There sub sandwich's are sooo good too. I now live in Florida, but that's always my first stop when I get back to the banks of the wabash.

Posted by

This place lets people smoke inside!! I walked in one time and the place was filled with smoke and I asked at the counter if they let people smoke in there and she told me they always have. I dodn't want my son in that stuff so we left and will not be back! Train or no train! I go to the pizza king on Greenbush street they don't smoke there. I hope the other place shuts down!

Posted by

Pizza King/South & Hangout!: The pizza, nothing but awesome!!! Nicholas loves to go here on late Friday nights. It will likely be one of his hangouts as a teenager as many high schoolers are always here late in the evening on the weekend.They have an electric train that delivers drinks, pulling right up to your table!! Kids can play video games or watch tv.

Posted by

Greenbush st. Pizza King. The new owners as of spring of this year are very friendly people. They know how to make a great pizza. If your from north of here and you miss that Chicago style pizza, stuffed or that thin crispy cut into squares of goodness, you can t beat it.

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