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Based on: 12 reviews
Cristys Pizza
731 N Pierce Ave,
Lancaster, Ohio 43130
(740) 653-8106


Last updated 3.13.2012

Reservations Policy: None

Menu: margarita, chicken parmesan, chicken salad, garlic bread, cheeseburger, calzones, garlic chicken, sirloin steak, smoked ham, top sirloin steak, grilled chicken salad, chicken pizza, tutta bella, double cheeseburger, stuffed pizza

Cuisine: Pizza

Products Other: Patio Door Locks

Specialties Other: Delivery, Carry-Out, Topping's, Specialty Pizzas / Calzone, Premium Subs, Pizza, Nibblers, Garlic Bread, Fresh Salads, Dine In & Beer Also Available, Cluckers Chicken Bites, Calzones

Year Founded: 2003

Other Contact Info: (866) 367-0378

Keywords: Restaurants, Pizza

Reviews (12) Write a review
Posted by
a Yahoo! Local User

Vomit delivered: I ws not aware that we were now able to order, and have delivered, vomit in a box. Needless to say that is what we received from Cristy's pizza. The owner, Mr. Biggs boasts a wonderfull product like no other. Well he is partially right, it is like no other. The cheese smells like vomit, and it is quite literally the greasiest, sloppiest, smelliest pizza. It is no wonder that Dominoes, Pizza Hut, and Donotoes have the better selling product in this town!

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Cheeseburger pizza is the best: Out of all the great food they have I like the cheeseburger pizza the best

Posted by

I order their pepperoni, bacon and ham pizza. Absolutely the most delicious pizza I have ever ordered bar none. It is so chewy. They do not skimp on the ingredients. I order it and love absolutely every bite. Like Frozen pizza? I ordered two pepperoni, bacon and ham pizza's. I let one cool. I wrapped it up in foil. I took some out a week later and I took some out the following week. I heated it in the oven and it was just as delicious as the moment it arrived. I LOVE the cheese. A provolone blend. All pizza's include some "grease", moreso if you order double pepperoni. By far, these are the leanest ingredients I have ever tasted. I read these reviews and wonder if it isn't some "fake posting" going on by disgruntled employee's or the competition. I can snap a picture of my empty pizza box and you may see some "spots" but will certainly not see "dripping in grease". That's just a bold face lie. I don't mine paying for Quality. For those around the Lancaster area, perhaps you read the two page Eagle Gazette story about Cristy's and how it began. I found it very interesting they have made it a success. For $3 bucks you can have a big mac. For $5 bucks you can go get one small steak. Get what you want and pay for it or just settle for some food? I only posted because I truly believe that some of these posts are so "fake" that at least one person can state their appreciation of a good pizza pie. Take it for what it is worth. I like it and don't mind paying more to get what I want. Want CHEAP pizza? Then go get a 4-4-4 deal or a $5-5-5 deal and chew on that.

Posted by
a Yahoo! Local User

Horrific: Not only was the customer service rude, and slow, but this has got to be the worst pizza I have ever put into my mouth. The pizza comes with WAY too much sauce, it is spicy, the cheese smells disgusting, and this "pizza" has got the be the greasiest I have EVER SEEN. I had them replace my money, and I will never order from them again. After all of that, it is the most expensive pizza I have ever ordered as well.

Posted by
a Yahoo! Local User

To all the others: Isnt all pizza greasy? I love Cristy's Pizza. I have only had one mistake since I have been ordering in the past 5 years and they had it right. The employees are always nice I have tried the East location on Tiki and the West both have great service. Keep up the good work

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Simply the best!: what more can i say ? for years they have been consistantly churning out the best pizza around.

Posted by
a Yahoo! Local User

Straws included?: Out of all the pizza places in lancaster, this by far is the most disgusting pizza. If you like pizza that you can drink through a straw because of all the grease, by all means order from there. Not only can you drink it through a straw, but afterwords you smell like vomit. Their service as well as the taste of their pizza leaves much to be desired. Price wise: one of the most expensive pizza places in this immediate area.

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pizza subs are the best but i have never got a good pizza from west side ever. the east side ans papa boos are great but the west side is terrible. only pizza i ever threw away after eating a piece.

Posted by

I cannot say ENOUGH great things about Cristy's....delivery is always prompt (even on weekends) I can ALWAYS count on them...We order from there all the time... Only ONCE was anything ever forgotten...not only did they bring it right AWAY....but we got free bread sticks and a free sprite...(and all they forgot was the napkins for a party order) All this nonsense about grease, or "vomit" is completely wrong...besides, the pizza isn't the only thing that is AWESOME about Cristy's...their chicken "cluckers" and the salads are perfect...it doesn't get any better... We've had just about all the other pizza's in town....and we keep coming back to Cristy's ever time!!

Posted by
what a world

I think the pizza is pretty good but the price is outrageous. We went with a special buy 1 get 1 1/2price and an order of round bread with cheese. $35.00. maybe $7.00 worth of ingredients, one heck of a profit.

Posted by
a Yahoo! Local User

Grease O plenty: Worst experience with a pizza joint. never order again.

Posted by

When I lived and worked in Lancaster for 7 years, this was by far the best pizza around. I've had the unique opportunity to evaluate some of the best in columbus in taste testings and personal testings in lancaster, and I would rate their pizza high. The grease occurs when you use real cheese, a sign they are using quality ingredients. If you dont like the grease, sop it up with napkins like I do and voila, you have greaseless, quality topping pizza. As another posted mentioned, you get what you pay for. For those that live in Gahanna or Bexley, you guys know the best pizza up there.. but for Lancaster and surrounding areas, Cristys is one of the top. I'm sensitive to "fake" ingredients, my stomach will tell me afterwards.. and after I eat a pep and cheese from cristy's, i dont feel out of energy like you do when your stomach tries to consume artificial and unnatural ingredients from the pizza chain shops.

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