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Last updated 8.9.2011

Menu: fried chicken, chicken wings, hot wings, calzones, cheese pizza, chicken legs

Brands: Pizza Menu, Pasta Menu, Fried Chicken Menu, Free Credit, Fast Pizza Delivery In Lawton And Fort Sill, Exotic Pizzas, Discount On Large Orders Call For Information, Discount On Large Orders, Dine-In, Desserts

Specialties Other: Pool Tables & Video Games, Fast Delivery In Lawton & Ft Sill, Delivery, 3 For 1 Carryout Only, Wing's Delight, We Accept Post Dated Checks Up To 15 Days From Date Of Purchase, Sub Menu, Side Menu, Sandwiches

Keywords: Pizza

Reviews (16) Write a review

Posted by
Louis Beldotti

Papa Louie's: Good eats. Priced right. This is coming from a real Italian plus my name is Lou.

Posted by
Amanda W

While the atmosphere is lacking (we swear there is what appears to be a bullet hole in one of the vending machines), we found this to be the best pizza we have tried so far in Lawton. We asked for crunchy wings, and they were soggy, but at least the pizza was good!

Posted by
Bow Hunter 6

Outstanding service and great the wings....thanks for a quality pizza night.

Posted by

While we have ordered pizza/chicken from here in the past, they got my last business on 2/14/09. We spent 33.19 on 5 pizzas for my son's B-day party. Order was placed at 7:04; they gave us a wait time of 30 to 45 min; at 8:10 we called to see where our pizza was; they said it should be about 15 more minutes and that when they said 30 to 45 it didn't mean a guarantee of delivery. Finally at 8:35 the driver arrived and since we had the door open, we were able to see him pull our pizzas out of the trunk of his car. I wanted to refuse the ordered, but the boys had already devoured the entire meat and cheese tray we had and were still hungry. My daughter, husband, and I still had not eaten anything either, so we accepted the order. My daughter ate 3 pieces of cheese pizza; I had 2 sausage and 1 ham; and my husband had 2 sausage, 2 ham and 2 pepperoni. I'm not sure what all the boys ate. By 9:55 my daughter was in the bathroom, tossing up her pizza then she went straight to bed without letting us know she had gotten sick. By 10:30 I was in the same boat and at about 11:15 my husband started getting sick. We all started with diarrhea during the night. This stayed with us for 2 days causing us to miss work, and since my daugter is pregnant, we have worries of how it might affect the baby. I have contacted the local Health Dept and will also be in touch w/ management today, but from reading other reviews I am not expecting much.

Posted by


Posted by
Michael Plume

We eat here once a week: Family owned and operated in Lawton, Ok for many years, This eatery is one of the best in Lawton. Friendly staff make sure your squared away. We have conducted mostly all of our family get togathers at least once a month here. Exceptions are Thanksgiving and Christmas. The menu has a lot to offer with the obvious of Pizza to chicken wings, Fried Chicken, Burgers, Calzones, Desserts, ect... Highly recommended. Eat in or take out or will also deliver. The best part is that if you are short on cash, they will take a check postdated up to 15 days.

Posted by
First L

I have always loved papa louie pizza here in Lawton up until last night that is when I ordered my pizza at 6:19 and I was told that my pizza would take about 35-45 minutes to arrive well at 7:22 I called back to the pizza place and they told me that the girl had just left with my pizza and that it would be here really soon, I told them thank you and hung up. My pizza finally got here at 7:50 pm. It was cold but I did not dare complain about it last night insted I called today and the manager chewed me out for making a complaint. You can bet that I will not put a good word out nor will I ever order from them again since they cant take any complaints about the pizza. Anyway dont order if you live on Fort Sill unless you are going to pick it up because it will be the same way. The pizza is good but the service is the worst have had since living here in this town.

Posted by

I used to order on a regular basis, but the management is just plain rude. I called because there are hidden fees that they do not tell you about up front (nor do they offer you a receipt upon delivery you have to request it); well I happened to get a receipt this last time because I paid with my credit card. What is not told to you is that there is a delivery charge of $1.50 automatically added on (which is understandable, but I had asked several times for a run down of the cost and they NEVER tell you this) and they add an additional .50 if you use your credit card or write a check (which also is not told to you up front). I have been using them for some time now and I am JUST finding this out. When you ask about it or complain to the manager, he actually gets down right rude like you OWE him something and you are paying your money! He is not courteous at all, in fact, it's unbelievable that he manages this place. I will be sure to take further steps with regard to this matter, because I believe that he should be up front about the fees rather than withholding the information, and the receipt should always be attached with the order...on should NOT have to request for the receipt to get it.

Posted by
Lil D

I have to say that the food is good especially for the price, and the management is fair. You have to understand that when you call a business to make a complaint, there is a certain way to handle yourself. If you come across rude, then that is what you are going to get. Besides, Louie is retired military, served his country honorably, and coming from a former employee, he is a great boss to have. Seeing that this was a second job for me (I am currently in the military)he was always willing to work with me and above all, was kind enough to give me the job in the first place. So I say, good food, good atmosphere, and most of all good people!

Posted by

Mami luv's Papa Louie's: This is the best pizza in Lawton... The delight for one! cheese pizza an a pepsi... the kno what I order an get it here fast an hot! The drivers are great & ya they love that TIP... And if u dont have cash they take a hott check! lol post dated check! gotta love that.. eat when ur broke an the food is awesome!

Posted by

**OK....I have been ordering for almost a year now and Ive never exsperienced any problems with Papa Louies with my personal home orders or our orders at work, they have good tasting food and on thier meals they are very generouse on portion sizes and they are always quick with the delivery and have never been late. I havent actually been to the resturant to eat yet so i cant say how the atmosphere there is, but i hear they stay pretty busy, so that must be good. Also on my last home order, i order 6 piece chicken meal and requested all breast and chicken legs, they were short on breast at the moment and gave me like 6 extra legs on a 6 piece meal i ended up with like 12 pieces of chicken even tho i told them it wasnt nessary, i was surprised to find them in the box when i opened it, now that is great buisness to me to go out of thier way to make sure thier customer is satisfied! I like Papa Louies!!! These other people on here with bad things to say, 1 bad episode out of how many good ones happen to them and they are all up and having an hissyfit over it, havent you ever cooked something and it turn out all that great, or burned somthing or even made something or ate a left over that gave you a tummy ache? if you havent ever exsperienced that then your a Lier! Its just a fact of life you dont know what your eating when you eat out or even at someones house or even at your own dinner table, sneeze, cough, nobody will know, do you let dogs or cats run around your home, you ever find dog or cat or human hair in your meals at home? come on give papa louie's a break, look at Golden Coral, people hovering over the food like flies, with body dander and falling hairs, i could go on and on but i think you get the picture... Thanks Papa Louie's for the great food and delivery service and the prices are just right!**

Posted by

I love Papa Louies it is a great place to eat and the staff are one of a kind.Very friendly and make it feel like your a guest in their home. I use to work there and know the owner personally.

Posted by

i absolutely love this restaurant. their food is delicious and always made right they have great pasta and cheeseburgers. ive been ordering food from here since 2008 and i have had only one order come messed up. i used to live down the street...

Posted by

I get pizza from there as often as I can. They are the best in Lawton. But that does not say much because Lawton stinks as far as food choices. It only took me about 10 visits before they could understand what

Posted by

best place in lawton! i've lived in lawton my entire life and papa louies has always been #1!! they have a wonderful variety of food and it is very reasonably priced!!! you recieve both quality and quantity!! no restruant is perfect but they are about as close to perfect as it gets!!! hands down love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by
misty b.

This place gives you the feel at home feeling. Papa Louies is a place that has enough room for a sports party or even just a big family get together. We usually try to meet up here at least once a month because everyone in our group can afford the pizza here. Try their all and everything pizza on thin crust. Its to die for. We usually can feed the family for around $35 with drinks $40.

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