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Last updated 8.9.2011

Menu: pepperoni pizza

Keywords: Carry Out & Take Out, Restaurants, Pizza

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No lie if I were going to the electric chair this would be my last meal, born and raised on the stuff I've never had any better!!!!!

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Worth the drive: My brother lives about an hour away from Lock City...and the first thing he thinks about when he hits Lockport, is Lock City... This pizza is out of this world perfect!

Posted by
a Yahoo! Local User

Waste of money, bad service, slow delivery..avoid.: I ordered a simple large pepperoni pizza to be delivered.It took 2 hours to come.Then the pizza was tasteless,cold and awful.I didnt even eat the whole slice.I said to the delivery person "2 hours for a pizza?" he simply said not the first and wont be the last.I will never order from there again,or eat any if it ever shows up at a function.The service is non existent.I called twice to check on the whereabouts of the pizza and not only was the person on the phone uninterested, a simple apology was not even offered.Avoid at all costs..I highly suspect any good review of them has been written by a worker there.Terrible

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To the guy who waited 2 hrs for his delivered pizza to arrive I apologize. The only thing I can say is that this place is so busy that 2 hrs was the probable wait time that night. Everybody who lives near Lock City orders paizza from them. Even the city cops stop here on a nightly basis. I live in SC now for the past 10 yrs and EVERY time I go back for a visit I order a lot of pizza from Lock City! The pizza in SC stinks! This place does not measure every ingredient that goes on a pie (like Pizza Hut and Dominos). They just pile it on! Anyone traveling to this area owes it to themselves to try this pizza.

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I love their pizza! I don't get it very often because I live in Cortland, NY but I look forward to it as soon as I come back to the area to visit. Can't wait to have it tomorrow night when I am back in town...can taste it right now...mmmm

Posted by

Great Pizza. Love the hot peppers. Open late and good everytime. Only downfall would be no acceptance of debit or credit cards. I would go there more often it they did. Cash is a pain in the but nowadays! Great pizza though!

Posted by

Lock City Pizza: This is for sure the best pizza in Lockport, you are going to pay a bit more but its worth it.

Posted by

Great pizza... just moved to the area and I'm lucky to have lock city and pizza oven so close. I could see why these guys don't come off as friendly, it's because they sell a good product and lots of it. They're never unfriendly. Anyone that is familiar with the foodservice industry will tell you there's always a compromise, particularly in small but busy companies. It's not like you're going out to a sit down dinner here, you're picking up a box. When you walk into the place it's got that feel that only years of making pizza can create. Nothing like a pizza place that has some character. They keep it pretty clean in there too.

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lock city pizza: the best pizza that i ever had

Posted by
Lee Ann

AWESOME pizza! I drive from Newfane to get this pizza, and I would wait for it too! I agree, sometimes the guys aren't the friendliest, but who cares how friendly they are! All you have to do is pick up the pizza and take it home to eat it! You also have to remember, these guys are there til all hours of the night, and the phone rings NON-STOP. It's hard to even get through on the phone. So, if you want EXCELLENT pizza, go to Lock City, and give the guys that work there a break!

Posted by

Had my first taste of Pontillos pizza in 1972. Best I've ever had. Double pepperoni and 3/4 baked. They pile on the pepperoni. A Lockport tradition. Remember when they were next to Dick Cummings Sporting Goods? If you are new to Lockport, don't forget Pizza Oven with the sweet sauce. Different but excellent.

Posted by

Lock City... The BEST Pizza ANYWHERE in WNY !! Gotta love the Squares !!!

Posted by
Love Pizza

My Family and I grew up having their Pizza. They use to be known as Pontillo's Pizzeria. My Mom and Dad would take all 5 of us children there to eat on Sunday's and special Holiday's. Mother's Day and Father's Day were a special treat, as our parents would take us there. So many memories, and absolutely LOVE their pizza!

Posted by

Just moved back to Lockport from Indiana... I cant remember how old I was when I had my first Pontillos Pizza. But I would say around 6 years old. Never could another Pizza compare...Glad to be able to order a real Pizza..and still as good as when I was a kid back in the sixties..

Posted by
Single Dad

Could be the best pizza on the planet. You will wait occasionally for at least an hour because everybody is ordering from Lock City!! If you are in town you gotta get this pie!

Posted by

Best in Lockport: If you hadn't eaten a pie from Lock City, then you haven't tasted the best. There are lots of pizza joints to choose from in Lockport but if you get a chance, don't deprive yourself.

Posted by
Timmy the Rockstar

Really good pizza after a night out. Good and greasy!

Posted by

After hours: This was always the place to go for pizza at 1AM

Posted by

Their pizza is amazing. I drive all the way from Amherst to have this pizza. My family has been eating their pizza since they were Pontillo's near Walnut. Jim and the employees are great. I have never experienced a time when they have been rude, only very rushed because they are so busy! For people who are complaining because their delivery is so long; get up off your lazy ass and go get the pizza. Stop complaining and realize it is not a 5 star restaurant but a pizza joint!! I would recommend them to everyone!!

Posted by

Lock City Pizza: Well I am not a worker at Lock City nor am I family member, but this is the best pizza in Lockport by far! Their delivery service may be slow, but it's worth the wait! DELISH pizza for sure!!

Posted by

i agree this is awesome pizzia, but the wait is terrable and the employees are rude, i ordered pizzia at 11pm one night and i waited until 1pm before i called and i was hung up on by the guy who awnsered the phone, so i cancelled it when the told me it haddn't went in yet. i know they are very busy, but atleast be honest about it being two hours i was told at the time i ordered it it would be 45 min...thats what they always say and its never true. in my opinion the employees are assholes so they lost my families bussiness

Posted by

there service is terriable, there food is terriable there just a waste of space. they need to hire people that are actualy polite not rude!

Posted by
Dave N

Not too bad: Not the best pizza I have ever had, but their wings made up for it. The cheese has a tendancy to be done right, but they put too much sauce on to it never seems to stay on after baking. If I'm really tired I'll order again.

Posted by

love ordering from here. pizzas are the best in town.

Posted by

I have eaten here several times and have no idea why people rave about this pizza. It was VERY mediocre. The first time I ordered the pizza was burned to the point of being almost inedible. The crust was cardboard-like the sauce very bland.

Posted by
Emma S.

They deff are not the fastest pizza place in the world and I would not class the workers as

Posted by
Jessica M.

DELISH! We love this pizza!! Their delivery times may be slow but it's worth the wait! Very delicious classic NY pizza!!

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