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Last updated 3.13.2012

Menu: buffalo wings, chicken wings, corned beef, cannoli, grilled chicken, stuffed shells, calzones, white pizza, cheese steak, hoagie, cheese sub, veal parmigiana, sausage roll, chicken barbecue, meatball sub

Cuisine: Pizzeria

Keywords: Pizza

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Rude staff, unreliable delivery: If you want the "best" pizza in town, go to Tony's in the Manassas Shopping Center. I have been ordering food from Joe's for over 15 years, mostly for the subs. Within the past year, something bad happened to their service. The staff has always had poor phone manners, but I usually overlook it because they are busy and I like the subs. However, they have recently messed up 90 percent of all my phone orders and then refuse to make good on it. When I call to let them know my order is wrong, the girl answering the phone tells me, 'if I do not like it -- do not to order from them anymore.' It is time for me to go elsewhere. I will miss the subs (when they manage to get the order right), but not the attitude.

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Really great pizza and marinara sauce friendly staff a must try best pizza since New York . and I told them so . susan

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Great FOOD: Absolutely the best Italian food we've found in years. This is a small chain in Virginia but you definitely won't find anything better. Try the calzones.......

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Good food: The chicken cub sandwhich from Joe's is really good, it's what I almost always order. I'm not real impressed with the pizza though, it's ok, but nothing really stands out about it.

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Rafael Steve Solito

good food: good food and fast delivery

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Great hot subs: Great hot subs, esp hot ham and cheese, pizza is good, entrees are good, and gotta love the cannoli. Deliver right to house, usually in 20 minutes or less. Ambiance is not important, usually get delivery, occasionally carry out.

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Great food: We wanted something other than pizza and Chinese for a change - and I found an old menu - we tried it and we will definitely go back there and have them deliver our dinner or lunch again!

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Joe's Pizza: Joe's is good place to grab & go...Their pizza, subs & calzones are pretty good and for the money their worth giving it shot!

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great: best subs

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a Yahoo! Local User

Best Pizza, Worst attitude: Let's start with the best, the pizza. Best I've had outside NY. The subs are decent but not worth driving for. If you are in the area delivery is pretty fast, but be careful when ordering. Sometimes the music is so loud they can't hear your order, even when shouting. Most of the time the person that takes your order sounds bitter and disgusted by the fact you called to place an order. My opinion about this is not based on 1,2,3 or more encounters but at least a dozen. (I know I'm a glutton for punsihment..well at least a glutton for the pizza)

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Always enjoy ordering from Joe's.: Try the Zep Hoagie. Excellent hot or cold. The stuffed shells are huge. You allways get your money's worth.

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The Zep Hoagie's are awesome! (hot toasted bread with everything on it - Yum!)

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They have great pizza's, and my kids loves their kids food. I love their salads and their subs. They are great

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Awesome subs, dinners, and Pizzas. The place to go when the whole family wants something different and you want fast service and great quality. I've never been anywhere where the food is so consistently fantastic. Thank you Joes pizza, we will be loyal to you forever.

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Best subs this side of the Mason Dixon line!: We buy from Joe's all the time. The kids get the 4.00 mini pizza and we get the hot subs. My fav. is the hot ham and cheese.

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