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Based on: 12 reviews
Santoro's Pizza
468 Union St,
Manchester, New Hampshire 03103
(603) 627-6666


Last updated 8.9.2011

Menu: fried chicken, chicken wings, onion rings, potato skins, white pizza, cheese omelet

Keywords: Carry Out & Take Out, Restaurants, Pizza

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Posted by
Frank Scanlon

good house of pizza style pizza: I like the white pizza with brocoli and eggplant and feta cheese

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santoros: this place has the best pizza in the city and their sandwiches are good also try the pizza

Posted by
a Yahoo! Local User

This place is the best.: No matter what you order you will be satisfied. Everything on there menu is excellent. This is the only place we order from.

Posted by
a Yahoo! Local User

Great food, great find!: We order all the time from Santoros. The food is the best, no matter what we get from there, the menu is huge! I only had a problem once with delivery and it was taken care of quickly. Since finding Santoros, it's the only place we order from, delivery or take out!

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Awful. Slow and rude.: 3 phone calls and nearly 2 hours to get our pizzas! They were promised to be hot, but arrived COLD. Management was rude and said, "hey, we're busy." this is unacceptable to me. The pizzas themselves were decent but not exceptional. I'm sure they would have been above average if they didn't require a brief stint in the microwave oven... Only apology was from the driver. We were not offered any discounts on the current order or even for a future order. Papa John's has better food, AND they gave me a free pizza for making an error on my order. It's simple - I'll never order from Santoro's again.

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This place has great onion rings and steak, egg and cheese omelet grinder. The food is a tad greasy, though. Always pleasnt to me so far. I would recommend.

Posted by

Yum: the steak tip salad and a steak and cheese is great!

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Great food overall: Potato skins are my favorite from here, they make great chicken wings, subs salads and pizza but the down side is, when you bite into the pizza the grease about rolls down you arm. So for the health conscious people something to keep in mind. If you are going to cheat on a diet though I say might as well cheat right. :)

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If You Love Fried Chicken You'll Love This Place!: great fried chicken sometimes you have to wait 30 minutes or more but it's worth it one time only had one problem from there since then service has been impeccible

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Prices here are reasonable and portions are large. Santoro's Pizza also offers pizza delivery to the Manchester area.

Posted by
Cheryl H.

Awesome pizza both execution and choices reign supreme! Try your favorites on a white pizza and you realize that you never really tasted pizza before. The prices are very reasonable the ingredient quality is tops. The pizza guys are masters each pizza is a work of art. Try the best and you will forget all of the rest! PROS: Everything they do is magic CONS: Delivery can be slow on Friday nights

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We just ordered from santoros. we ordered the chicken brocolli ziti alfredo dinner. Huge portion! For about ten dollars we got the meal a salad and garlic bread. no extra charge for the salad..which alot of other places charge extra for and don't...

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