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Last updated 8.9.2011


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The itailian hot dogs are the best, I grew up on them will always luv them, the pizza is great too.

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The best pizza. They also have awsome itailian hot dogs. Can you say "make mine a double."

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I love this place. i wish we had a place like this down in Florida. Moved away to florida and miss the old neighborhood. i got to say if you want the Best Hotdogs and Pizza in the world then you need to visit this Wonderful mom and pop place and enjoy. don't worry about the calories you only live once. May you guys have many years to come and keep the traditions alive with them many that still come there. Thank you for some of my most favorite childhood memories that i hope to give my kids as well ....Nina

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What Pizza is Supposed to Taste Like: One word---GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!! Excellent crust, great toppings. Ask for it well done. Even better the next day.(Cook in oven, NOT in microwave.) Now, at $6.99 per pie, the best got even better. (Don't know how long price will stay at $6.99)

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I grew up right around the corner from Dickie Dees - the best. Throughout my travel i've yet to have an Italian hot dog like yours - can't find it anywhere. Had to make my own for my son to taste when he was little and he absolutely love them. Miss you guys - you guys can never ever close shop - there's a reason why we go back to visit good old Newark. Thanks a bunch!!!

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A menagerie of two fried all-beef hot dogs lightly cooked onions hot peppers and potato wedges bathed in mustard and ketchup shoved in a delightfully spongy Italian bread.

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Places in and around Newark like Dickie Dee's and Tommy's like to serve their dogs Italian-style (a.k.a. Newark-dogs): skinny all-beef hot dogs are deep fried and stuffed into a half- round of Italian bread (or sometimes

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