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Latest News

Pizza City Tours

Pizza fans in Chicago can actually take a tour that is geared specifically around the pizza industry in the city.

Fireside Pizza Open in Walnut Hills

Fireside Pizza is the newest restaurant in Walnut Hills. It occupies what was previously the home of the oldest fire station in Cincinnati.

Dinner and a Movie Pizza Combo

At the Marco’s Pizza location in Belleville, families can kill two birds with one stone. They can secure both dinner and a movie.

Parlor Pizza Bar Finally Opens

Parlor Pizza Bar is finally opening after a longer than expected wait. It was planned to open with a brewery, but that is not yet to be. It is located on a property that previously housed an auto repair shop.

Shenendoah Pizza Gets New Owner

Shenandoah Pizza now has a new owner. Brent Schoenduby purchased the business and took over on September 2nd. The former owner wanted more time to pursue music interests.

Blake Shelton's New Job

Pizza Hut customers in California got a surprise recently when they came in to order their pizzas. Blake Shelton went undercover, posing as a worker, ‘Stephen’.

Unique Pizza Promotion

Music City Pizza in Nashville is offering a unique promotion. You’ll receive a vinyl record with your pizza order.

The Smart Pizza Box

To many, pizza is a near perfect food, but it comes in an unwieldy box. The box takes up too much space in the refrigerator if there are leftovers, and it’s even awkward to throw away.

Pizza Happy Hours

Pizza and beer are a popular combination. Some Washington DC area pizza places are recognizing that with special Happy Hour offerings.

Essential Pizza Tools

If you’re going to try to make pizza at home, it’s good to get advice from someone with some good experience in the business.

Bishop to Help Choose Best Albany Pizza

When Edward Scharfenberger took over as bishop for the Albany Diocese, he may have started off on the wrong foot with local pizza lovers. He replaced the retiring Howard Hubbard.

Theo's Pizza - Food Truck

Many restaurant owners started with a food truck and worked to develop their clientele before opening a brick and mortar restaurant. Theo’s Pizza did things the opposite way.

Top 101 Pizzas in the Country

Once again the best pizzas in the country have been ranked. The Daily Meal delivered their list of the top 101 pizzas in the United States.

Pizza Hut Fantasy Football Promotion

Fantasy football owners have a new tool in their arsenal thanks to Pizza Hut. The promotion is called “Trade Bait” and the rules are true to the promotion’s name.

Amore Restaurant Owner Retiring

Al Carozza is retiring after 50 years in the pizza business. He is the owner of Amore Restaurant in Springdale.

Little Caesars Offering New Option

Little Caesars is trying out a new variety of pizza. It is stepping away from their traditional offerings of $5 cheese or pepperoni pizzas. Starting on September 1st, the company is having a limited time pizza launch: a pretzel-crust pepperoni pizza.

Organ Stop Pizza, A Unique Place

The Organ Stop Pizza restaurant is a unique place. It opened in 1972 in Phoenix. The original Mesa location opened in 1975.

Pizza Eating Record Set

The previous pizza eating record at Subway Café in Harrisburg was five and one half pizzas. The record was held by NFL player Jon Ritchie. The new record was set by Donnie Herlt of Upper Allen Township.

Pizza Part of School Lunch Program

The Redwood City School District uses pizza as part of their lunch program. Over the course of one year, their students will consume 24,901 pizzas.

Blue Moon Pizza Grand Opening

Blue Moon Pizza, a Fort Myers restaurant and bar is celebrating its grand opening on Thursday.

Pizza Five85 Comes to Phoenix Area

The Phoenix area is getting a new addition to their fast-casual pizza scene with this week’s opening of Pizza Five85.

Bricks in the Chicago Area

In Chicago, there is a trend towards thin-crust Neapolitan pizzas, but there is also a group of restaurants that is using wood-burning brick ovens with good results.

New Location for Stuft Pizza

Stuft Pizza has opened another location. The newest addition is at Westfield, Palm Desert. The original location is in Old Town La Quinta.

Strikeouts for Free Pizza

Mike LaRosa is used to his cell phone receiving a lot of text messages on game days.

Pizza on the Beach

Seacoast Pizza in Imperial Beach has a great reputation with both tourists and locals. The restaurant has a few seats inside, but most enjoy eating outside anyway, to enjoy the sea breeze while people watching.