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Latest News

Tony Gemignani Shows Off Creation of Pizza

The record holder and famous pizza maker shows off how he makes his pizza delicious!

Lady Gaga Eats Chicago Deep Dish in NYC

New Yorkers don't always follow their culture and they may never be loyal to their own dish

Furious Pete Feats NYC

One of the many great world record setting eaters, Furious Pete, makes a full video of the greatest and biggest eats in NYC including the biggest pizza!

Extra Heavy Pies For Asians

The Holidays didn't stop some Asians to eat their hearts out specially those pizza lovers that had all the ingredients right in their hands.

Guinness World Record on Biggest Commercial Pie

Guinness World Record features their awarded participants in a show called OMG. In this segment, the largest commercially available pie is featured and in the same pizzeria, a new competition is made. Find out what it is...

Japan Always Offers Free to Get Pizza Customers

Even the Animation fans of Japan are attracted to Pizza Hut as they offer freebies tied up to the famous Evangelion animations.

Young Entrepreneur Strives to Inspire Others with Pizza Shop

In this day and age where the economy seems so slow in growth, there will be hopes going down and salaries being cut off.

Pizza Hut Japan Got Generous

Golden Crust Pizza doesn't always necessarily mean its really gold but for Pizza Hut Japan, stating a golden crust means making it true!

Pizza Takes the Spotlight

pizza always has its moments!

Georgio Got One Million Pizzas

The restaurant found in Crystal Lake named Georgio's Restaurant has recently celebrated its one-millionth pizza!

Best Food Veggie Pizza in NY

Best Food Tours NYC is now one of the things New Yorkers are going for and its not just any vegetarian food, it also comes in a form of pizza!

Best and Worst Glutten Free Pies

The gluten-free diet cannot stop pizza lovers from eating pizza that is why establishments all over and home makers did their best to make pies suitable for those in need of such dish.

Gym Hands out Free Pizza Every Month

The gym isn't exactly the place where people would go to if they wanted pizza, but here its different!

Pi Pizza Truck Offers 2 Flavors in one

In Houston Texas, if you can't decide what flavor you will get for your pizza, it is probably best to get both in your slice!

Domino's Vegan Now

The 2014 is a good year to start eating something healthy and vegan is one of the ways you could do your tummy good.

January 17 Brings Free Pizza

January 17 should be waited out for as a free pizza will come our way!

Bagel Pizza Huts in Sliders

Mini Sliders were always known to recall burgers but Pizza hut must have thought it could be pizza.

Pizzas Topped with Pizzas and more Fast Food

With the weirdest ideas yet, pizza and burgers are now becoming outrageous

Mayor of New York Chows Pizza with a Knife

Some people say its all wrong and the way it was chowed down was not the authentic New Yorker way.

Emma Watson Spotted with a Romantic Pizza

After a break in Antigua with Matthew Janney, the actress was seen with a huge grin and a slice of fast food pizza in JFK.

Xbox Fans Order $1 Million Pies

The Pizza Hut application in the said gaming platform has already announced their sales after releasing it last April.

Drew Barrymore Chows Down A Slice After Golden Globes

The pregnant 38 year old actress has been recently spotted with a handful of pizza after the Golden Globes awarding ceremony has been over with.

Scrap Bagel and Pizza Crusts for Heat

Brooklyn wastewater treatment plant decided that the scraps of bagels and pizza could be the answer to keep New York a warm city and have a green solution to this atmosphere.

Rival Pie Goes $50 Again

The concept of a $50 pie is completely questionable but Domino's seem to think this is a good idea for a different kind of market.

Slices Now Available at Pizza Hut

Is this true? Pizza Hut will now offer their pies by the slice and it will be done in the name of rebranding?

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