27 Things A Pizza Delivery Man Will Not Tell You

As your pizza delivery man brings your pizza to your doorstep, did you ever wonder what they did or what they do in between the time you ordered the pizza until it arrives? There are a ton of possibilities out there so before dialing, make sure you know them. 

1. To pizza delivery guys, pizza is just pizza and they hate wasting time. So before you call up, make sure you know what pizza toppings you preferr. 

2. Prank-calls are already obvious to pizza delivery guys and they could trace the number if the number is not blocked off. 

3. There are possibilities that pizzas are dropped so what these pizza guys do is just shake it off back to its position before they get to you. 

4. Making the pizza takes 20 minutes and driving all the way from the restaurant to the house takes time too so it is important that customers have patience. 

5. The reason why some pizza guys don't deliver in some neighborhoods is because of the bullies around where they are robbed more often than of those in other villages. 

6. Pizza delivery guys would appreciate it more if you did not shut the doors to search for some quarters while they shiver out in the cold rain. 

7. The basic etiquette in talking to a person is using your manners and hanging up your cell phone. 

8. A shirt and parts should be worn when answering the door

9. Tips should be justifiable with the number of orders. Ten to 15% is just. 

10. Its funny how much more middle class and lower class people give tips than of those who are in the upper class. It seems like those middle and lower class understand pizza delivery guys better of what they go through than those rich neighborhoods. 

11. Those who don't tip are memorable, thus expect a shaken soda on the next order. 

12. Though patience is a virtue, pizza delivery men can't wait for you forever. Warnings are counted, three knocks and two calls are enough. If the customer still doesn't answer, customers shouldn't complain.

13. Others call in for pizza but then later on, asks for more help in their furniture. Its okay for a few extra bucks. 

14. The address is an important note and the number in your house is also important. 

15. Though there are good customers and terrible ones, delivery drivers will still deliver.

16. Many delivery drivers are just teenagers. 

17. Special treatments are hard to avoid, there will always be special customers. 

18. Delivery drivers may look as if they will be conversing with customers but they just want to get it over with. They won't also be so nice if you have a problem or complain about being late. 

19. After working for 12-14 hours a day, delivery drivers just wants to go home so don't complain if they can't accommodate you during closing hours.

20. Delivery drivers use their own cars for delivery. 

21. Its easy to get along with a delivery man if you are not so rude to them. 

22. Pizza delivery drivers don't appreciate those who order and then jump into the shower as it causes them to answer the door late. 

23. If you live nearby the pizza joint, you don't need delivery services. 

24. They are fed up with eating pizza. 

25. Most customers just chat with them rather than tip them. 

26. They appreciate it better if you already have the money and the tip ready. 

27. They can't give you discounts so stop insisting.
Posted by Diane Araga, on May 28, 2013 at 8:00 PM