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Pizza Part of School Lunch Program

The Redwood City School District uses pizza as part of their lunch program. Over the course of one year, their students will consume 24,901 pizzas.

Blue Moon Pizza Grand Opening

Blue Moon Pizza, a Fort Myers restaurant and bar is celebrating its grand opening on Thursday.

Pizza Five85 Comes to Phoenix Area

The Phoenix area is getting a new addition to their fast-casual pizza scene with this week’s opening of Pizza Five85.

Bricks in the Chicago Area

In Chicago, there is a trend towards thin-crust Neapolitan pizzas, but there is also a group of restaurants that is using wood-burning brick ovens with good results.

New Location for Stuft Pizza

Stuft Pizza has opened another location. The newest addition is at Westfield, Palm Desert. The original location is in Old Town La Quinta.

Strikeouts for Free Pizza

Mike LaRosa is used to his cell phone receiving a lot of text messages on game days.

Pizza on the Beach

Seacoast Pizza in Imperial Beach has a great reputation with both tourists and locals. The restaurant has a few seats inside, but most enjoy eating outside anyway, to enjoy the sea breeze while people watching.

Persona's Florida Expansion

Persona Neopolitan Pizzeria which is based in Santa Barbara has signed a deal to open 20 stores in Florida over a 10 year period.

Brooklyn's Pizza Legend Turns 50

The most legendary pizza place in Brooklyn has not changed much over the course of the last 50 years.

Pizza Hut Sales Decline in US

Sales at Pizza Hut are down in the United States. It seems as though some of their market share is being picked up by other chains like Papa John’s and Little Caesar’s.

Push for Pizza

Push for Pizza is an app that was recently launched by five 19 year old college friends.

Community Chips In

A small pizza shop in New Hampshire had a good crowd with folks standing in line for over an hour this past Monday. It was not in response to a great deal, but rather a showing of caring and compassion for a pizza delivery man who was assaulted on the job last month.

NEOs Best Pizza

The quest to be named the best pizza in Northeast Ohio is on. The NEO’s Best Pizza contest now has the top nominees named in 10 regions, each vying for the final prize.

Jet Ski Pizza Delivery

A restaurant in Michigan has come up with a unique summer offering. They are offering to deliver pizzas via jet skis.

Independent Pizza Restaurants on the Rise

According to the Department of Agriculture, on any given evening, 1 in 8 Americans is eating pizza.

Dimo's Pizza Offers Unique Toppings

At Dimo’s restaurant in Chicago you’ll find some pizza toppings that may seem more than a little unusual. In many instances it’s like having an entrée served on top of your pizza.

Stonedeck Pizza Pub

There’s a new pizza / pub combo open in Deep Ellum. Stonedeck Pizza Pub is located on Elm Street. Although there are several pizza places in the area, the owners of Stonedeck think that their atmosphere will set them apart.

The Pizza Garden

We all know that pizza doesn’t grow on trees, but a group of school children in Virginia is finding out how ingredients grown in their garden can help them make their own food, like pizza.

New Owners for Village Pizza

Meghan Wagner has gone from employee to owner of Village Pizza in New Paltz.

Pizza Restaurant in Legal Battle

One Florida pizza chain is facing a legal battle over the design of their logo.

NFL Player Delivering Pizzas

J.J. Watt, player for the Houston Texans in the National Football League is getting into the pizza delivery business.

Pizza Institution Closing

A longstanding institution in Brighton recently closed its doors. Joe Greco of Imperial Pizza is retiring after a run of almost 50 years.

My Slice Pizza App

A group in Bakersfield, California has created an app that they hope will help local people save money, specifically on pizza purchases.

Pizza Delivery Crime

Can someone be charged with a crime for ordering pizza? It turns out, in some circumstances, the answer is yes.

Surviving on a Pizza Diet

A Maryland man has an odd claim to fame. He has been eating pizza every day for 25 years. A mini-documentary by Vice is out that details the man and his less-than-normal diet.

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