6 Weirdest Pizzas

Pizza - It originated from Italy and became famous over time. Now, the world recognizes this dish and adopted it as part of their own by adjusting some ingredients and putting different kinds of toppings but there are just some things that are too weird for the eyes to see. But who knows, these pizzas may be the right taste for your tongue! Here are 6 different weird pizzas:

1. The Nasty Breakfast Pizza

A combination of bans, egg, sausages, mushrooms and meat on top of the rich red sauce and  thick dough. Want to try one? 

2. Kabocha Pizza

Japan made an interesting kind of pizza topped with pumpkin! Believe it or not, its popular and some locals can't get enough of it.

3. Rice Mizza Pizza

Korea's Rice Mizza Pizza is a combination of pizza, rice and curry toppings! Its a spicy and interesting mix of two cultures in one.

4. Scorpion Mini Pizzas

Who would have thought that scorpions were a delicacy? But they are and they come in roasted or fried around the world, except in Switzerland where they banned 'poisonous pizza toppings' since July of this year.

5. Squid Ink Pizza

Squid Ink as its base sauce? Yes its true and its topped with seafood to create the perfect mix of seafood! 

6. Worm Pizza

Its not a joke, there really is a worm pizza and it is made by restaurateur Alexis Chambon. You can find all of his other bug-inspired pizza creations at his restaurant in Guidel, Brittany.

Posted by Diane Araga, on August 6, 2012 at 9:00 AM