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Latest News

Hulu to Offer Pizza Ordering Thru Ad

The Hulu streaming service will soon be streaming more than just digital content. They have partnered with Pizza Hut to insert an advertisement in their streaming that allows customers to order a pizza within the ad.

Yogurt Mountain Owner Trying his Hand at Pizza

David Kahn, the man behind Yogurt Mountain is now planning to bring a new chain of build-your-own pizza restaurants across Alabama. The initial locations are planned for Tuscaloosa, Mountain Brook, Madison and Montgomery.

Pizza With a Purpose

Sometimes a pizza is more than a pizza. The California Pizza Kitchen (CPK) has used their restaurants to support various worthy causes including fallen LAPD officers.

The Berkeley Pizza Culture

The city of Berkeley is host to over 30 pizza places. These restaurants include sit-down places and grab-and-go places. The décor varies from sleek and modern, to a more grungy hole-in-the-wall atmosphere.

Domino's Accepting Payment via Google Wallet

Domino’s is attempting to make their delivery service even more convenient for their customers. They have integrated Google Wallet with their Android ordering app.

Pizza and Prescriptions Delivered

A fire hit a strip mall and damaged not only the local laundry mat but also a popular pharmacy. Customers were relieved to find that they would still be able to receive their prescriptions, thanks to the Domino’s Pizza delivery drivers.

Pizza Delivery Aids in Arrest

Hollister police arrested two suspects from an assault on a city resident at the Quick Stop market due to the fact that the suspects were hungry for pizza.

312 Pizza Company to Open

The 312 Pizza Company opened this past weekend in Germantown. They’re offering Chicago style pizza, hot dogs, sandwiches and more.

C2E2 Introduces Some Unique Pizza

At the C2E2 comic and entertainment convention that took place in Chicago April 25th through the 27th, guests got to meet comic book artists, actors and authors. They also were given the opportunity to sample some unique pizza.

Frozen Gluten Free Pizza

Steve Neid has been making frozen fat-free pizza for a long time. Now he is offering a gluten-free version that he dubs “super-organic”. The new product is available at all 15 Acme Fresh Markets and has been certified by the USDA as organic.

Vegas Pizza Expo

Each year the three day International Pizza Expo draws thousands of attendees looking to gather everything they can from the annual trade show. Las Vegas plays host to the event.

New Pizza Topping Combos

If you’re willing to step outside your comfort zone when selecting pizza toppings, you might just stumble upon some new favorites.

Mellow Mushroom Opening New Store

A new Mellow Mushroom pizza restaurant is opening on Bardstown Road in the Highlands. The plans are for a two-story restaurant. Developer Andy Blieden is planning the 5,900 square foot space on the site that was formerly the Miracle Dry Cleaners.

Project Pie Announces Expansion

The build-your-own-pizza business called Project Pie is opening a new location in Indianapolis. This represents the franchise’s third location after Las Vegas and San Diego.

Erie Man Charged with Robbery of Pizza Delivery Man

A man from Erie, Pennsylvania who was charged with robbing a pizza delivery driver back in March was charged again for a different robbery in the same month.

Domino's DomiNoNo Sponsor Again

Domino’s Pizza is celebrating the start of baseball season with a promotion that was a big hit last year. They are teaming with MLB.com to give away 40,000 pizzas.

Domino's Rolling out Specialty Chicken

Domino’s Pizza is introducing a new chicken menu that includes putting pizza toppings on breaded, boneless chicken pieces. They are dubbing the menu Specialty Chicken. These new menu items will hit the stores on April 21st.

Pizza and Poetry

On April 18th, some pizza restaurants in New Orleans will be delivering a little poetry with their pizza. To honor National Poetry Month, literacy and tutoring center Big Class is working with Pizza Delicious, Mid-City Pizza and Reginelli’s Pizzeria for the event.

Random Pizza Delivery

A theater company is making it possible for people to ‘pizza bomb’ their friends. All of this is done as an inventive fund raising scheme.

Sarpino's Expanding in Slowing Market

Although the pizza industry may have sluggish sales, Sarpino’s USA feels like the time is right for them to seek out investors and grow.

Pizza 'Theater' Concept

The 1200 square foot Domino’s Pizza opened near the University of Arizona has a new design. It’s called ‘pizza theater’.

Upper Darby Pizza Shop Highlighted on The Tonight Show

Pica’s Restaurant from Upper Darby saw the opportunity to get their pizza featured on The Tonight Show and they worked to make it happen.

Pizza Apology Not Well Accepted

While some might welcome free soda and pizza, some citizens from Greene County, Pennsylvania were more insulted than pleased.

Pizza Delivery Man Gets Special Delivery

Papa John’s Pizza delivery man Andrew Shaffer from Portland, Oregon got a delivery he wasn’t expecting the day after working a disappointing shift.

Pizza Boli’s Emphasizes Their Fresh Ingredients

Pizza Boli’s has a new symbol that helps put emphasis on their tradition of using fresh ingredients. The symbol declares “Fresh, Never Frozen”.

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