8 Alternate Uses for a Pizza Stone

Other than cooking pizza, a pizza stone can be helpful in cooking just about anything and it even allows people to have healthy dishes! So aside from pizza, how can you use a pizza stone? 

1. Cook frozen convenience foods and it will taste a lot better. From frozen chicken nuggets, french fries, jalapeno poppers, biscuits, frozen pizza, hot pockets, pizza bites and other frozen goods, cooking it this way will give it more flavor! 

2. Home made, healthy chicken nuggets can be made from a pizza stone. No oil but more flavor! 

3. Cook french fries and eat them without the fat guilt. At a 350 degree heat within 20 minutes, you get your healthy fries! 

4. You can create healthy snacks instead of getting junk food, such as potato chips, pitas or tortillas. 

5. Make pretzels just like Auntie Anne's but even better. From scratch, use ingredients that would match pretzel recipes and cook it into a pizza stone. This will allow you to have products that are faster and much more delicious. 

6. Excess moisture is absorbed in stone wares, hence, falafels are great dishes to be made into this cooking stone. The end product? A light and crisp falafel! 

7. Giant cookies are hard to bake in regular ovens and cooking it into a pizza stone would make it easier. Don't worry, it won't run off as cookie dough are naturally thick. But make sure you check it every now and then so it won't burn.

8. Mexican dishes like Quesadillas are easier to make in pizza stones. At a 350 degree heat, you can cook these fine dishes for 8 minutes!
Posted by Diane Araga, on May 30, 2013 at 12:00 PM