A 140-second Chance To Be Pizza Hut’s Employee

According to Pizza Hut executives, it only takes 140 seconds or 140 characters to pick their future social media manager and applicants all over are only given 140 seconds of fame to convince them for acceptance.

Pizza Hut is not just looking for any social media manager, they are looking for a “manager of digital greatness” where in this employee can impress the pizza audience in the world through social media sites.

According to Pizza Hut ads, this is what they are specifically looking for:

'Do you think in 140 characters? Are you the keeper of the hashtags and master of memes?

'If you dare to call yourself a social media maven and pop culture guru, then you might just be what we're looking for.'

Application is accepted only in Austin, Texas and each one is given a 140-second chance to tell Pizza Hut why they should hire him/her. Once accepted, the employee should know all Pizza Hut conversation strategy by heart to all social medias.

Posted by Diane Araga, on March 12, 2013 at 12:00 PM