A Family Friendly Pizza Choice

Parents in search of a restaurant that is kid friendly both in atmosphere and menu should take a look at the California Pizza Kitchen (CPK) chains. The chain was founded in Beverly Hills in 1985 by two federal prosecutors.

The kids menu includes multiple pizza choices, chicken, pasta each for under $7. Kids have the opportunity to watch the chefs at work. The pizzas are cooked in a stone hearth oven. From a salad with cheddar Goldfish as a topping to dessert that ranges from fruit to ice cream, there is sure to be something for each pint sized appetite. On good weather days, check out the patio seating where available.

Adults will enjoy the variety of pizza options including offerings like spicy chipotle chicken pizza with black beans, corn and peppers. Dine on this with a cilantro-lime dipping sauce and you won’t feel like you’ve sacrificed adult tastes for a kid friendly setting.

Posted on May 19, 2014 at 10:00 AM