A Healthy Pizza Offering in St. Louis

Allergic reactions on certain food compounds and a healthy eating habit make it hard for a person to find a suitable dining place. Such locations are hard to find and requires a bit of extra cash to satisfy a healthy craving.

A food such as pizza is loaded with unwanted extra calories and a protein called gluten. This protein has been the culprit for a Gastro-intestinal illness called Celiac disease.

Questions arise about a pizza restaurant’s ingredients, the kitchen facility and the staff’s consciousness on such health restrictions.

A pizza chain in St. Louis prides itself on serving for pizza lovers and healthy conscious with its offerings of traditionally made pizzas as well as gluten free and vegan pies.

Pi Pizza serves customers regardless of their health restrictions. Its kitchen has a special preparation area for customers who order gluten-free pies. Their gluten-free crusts are exclusively made by French Meadows Bakery. Their gluten-free crusts are a cut above the normal gluten-free crust that is as fragile looking with a less than satisfying texture.

Pizzas can be ordered with a thin crust or Chicago-style deep dish. For people who do not follow any strict diet, there are unlimited combinations of toppings to choose from.

Aside from two separate kitchen areas, the staff is also conscious of whatever allergies a customer might have on certain foods or its components. Such service assures customers healthy well being.

What the gluten-free crust lacks in flavor, the restaurant’s menu offering of the crust all made it up in flavor. Four amazing pizzas stood out of the menu. Each pizza has a distinct taste with the combination of its ingredients.

A touch of sweetness from grape tomatoes and the creaminess provided by mozzarella and goat cheese is what makes the Central West End pizza a delight to ones taste. Prosciutto, onions and aragula balances out the sweetness and adds texture to the pizza.

Mildly spiced, the Maplewood pizza is topped with mozzarella, Fontina, cherry peppers and spicy sausage which is entirely made at the restaurant. Fresh basil provides a light feeling that contrasts the ingredients’ heavy feel.

The Delmar pizza is laden with hormone-free chicken, mozzarella and cheddar cheese. It is complimented by color with red onions, red and green, peppers and fresh cilantro that’s added after baking. Added flavor is provided by its barbecue sauce that brings in an extra tang on its taste.

Aside from the usual mozzarella, red peppers and basil, The Kirkwood pizza is loaded with meatballs that come only from hormone-free pork and beef.

The locations of Pi Pizza might not be conventional aside from the prices of the pizzas, the healthy options it could offer makes the travel and the spending all worth it.


Posted by Diane Araga, on September 5, 2013 at 10:00 AM