Advertisement For New Pizzerias

The number one edge in having a pizza business in a town filled with commercial pizzerias is having a dish that stands out. Fail to do so on the first impression would entail failing to attract customers. 

It has been widely known by entrepreneurs that customer satisfaction is necessary to survive competition. Either you have that accomplished or you offer something unique. The product itself is your number one marketing tool and having a good product would then spread on its own with the word of mouth. 

But just like any other marketing tip, "word-of-mouth" doesn't just go around in a flash, there should be efforts made to succeed and advertising is one of them. 

1. A slogan is an important part of the business. It would determine the style, the niche you will tap and the attention of customers. 

2. A website is no longer a question the age of technology. Every business needs a website where people can access information regarding your business. Having it set up would allow a 24-7 marketing, just by putting it up. 

3. Photos are also essential in marketing. Online or print it may be, having good photos is required to keep the market interested. 

4. A good description of your unique product turns the audience into a buyer. Let them think about the goodness of your dish in an appetizingly good description and indicate if it caters to special diets. This way, you could also capture certain markets that usual pizzerias couldn't. 

5. Ads in newspapers, magazines or local papers are also a good opportunity to get your brand out. It is best to put your ads near activities that go well with pizza such as the entertainment section. Don't forget to place your website address and other information that would drive customers to your shop.

6. Coupons are a fast way to drive customers to your pizza shop. You can do this through print ads, direct mailing, newspapers, flyers, leaflets, etc. Make sure to keep it simple. For instance, you could offer free drinks, discounts, and free delivery. 

7. Spread the word by engaging your shop to organizations, events and non-profit events. Sponsor away through free pies. Not only will the community see your company as your goodness but also, word will certainly get out fast if your pizza tastes really delightful! 

8. Radio stations and articles are also a good way to make people interested. Share the story of your pie, your experience and what makes this dish good to be able to catch the attention of the community. A good write up will always grab attention.
Posted by Diane Araga, on August 11, 2013 at 11:00 AM