Amore Restaurant Owner Retiring

Al Carozza is retiring after 50 years in the pizza business. He is the owner of Amore Restaurant in Springdale.

When Carozza leaves the restaurant to the new owner, Bruno DiFabio, the restaurant will still exist, but will have a different menu and a remodeled interior. Carozza is taking his signature pizza recipe with him. It is a recipe that he learned from his mother while still living in Italy. In retirement, Carozza plans on spending more time with his grandchildren.

Amore is still the city’s second oldest restaurant. Currently there are nine employees at Amore. When the ownership changes, 2 of the existing employees are retiring and the others are looking for new jobs.

On his retirement Carozza says, “The restaurant is definitely going to be missed. I’ve gotten so attached to my customers that I’m not going to walk away without being emotionally tied to this restaurant.”

Carozza’s business attitude was to ride out the changes through the years by being patient and consistent. The president of the Stamford Chamber of Commerce believes that the restaurant stood the test of time and economic ups and downs by always serving ‘good, home-cooked food’.


Posted on August 27, 2014 at 10:00 AM