An Old Shop with a New Name: Grampa’s Pizzeria

Opening a business usually has its ups and downs. Mistakes are inevitable and are most likely to happen.

A week after its opening, Grampa’s Pizzeria, a neighborhood pizza restaurant located at Madison, Wisconsin, was stormed at social media for its treatment for a breastfeeding guest.  Owners Gilbert Altshul and Marissa Johnson made a public apology and even offered free pizza for mothers and their children after the untoward incident. That and the change of the décor from guns to pizzas, made it all good from there till now.

This former guns shop has its own ingredients to boast of including white anchovies, pork confit and leeks. Its specialty pizzas are also to drool for. A rich blend of spices and San Marzano tomatoes for the sauce on top of a crust that’s teeming with crunch on the edges brightens up the pizza on its base form. Light on cheese more on toppings, that makes all the difference on the taste of its sumptuous pizzas.

Some of its specialty pizzas would leave guests wanting to come back with mixes that would surely amaze ones taste buds. Try ordering a Barberini pizza. It has a succulent blend of ricotta cheese, garlic, watercress, calabrian chiles and honey. Deliciously nutritious, it’s a sure best seller for years to come.

An intriguingly named yet delectable pizza is also going to have its own fanfare soon. Finnochio, a pizza adorned with fennel and Anaheim chiles puts your tongue on a delicate heat while mixing it up with flavors that are unique in its class. Just don’t pronounce it like a fairy tale character when you order from the menu.

Other taste-worthy pizzas are the hog laden Puerco and the pesto and mozzarella topped Jabroni. An order of a market salad is a great partner to any order of pizza. A visually appetizing treat with heirloom tomatoes, Banylus vinegar, castelvetrano olives and vegetables crafted to different wonderful shapes.

On certain occasions, Grampa’s serve vegetables that are ripe during the season such as kale that is sautéed with garlic lemon juice and a cheese called Grana padana. Certain offerings might not be quite pleasant to some guest as its pickled summer squash that’s too sour to finish. Its servings of baby fingerling potatoes and olives served on a plate however made up for its misstep.

Appetizers also don’t fall short off the menu as its goat cheese-mushroom pate on a toasted crostini not only bested in its presentation but also a healthy treat with parsley and locally grown Nasturtrium flower as its decorative toppings.

The former guns and ammo shop also offers a great selection of wines and beer on its magnificently designed six-chaired bar. An added value to its service was the water laden with lemons and cucumbers on pitchers which ensure customers are treated with good health and hydration in mind.

Remarkable in its appeal to the community, Grampa’s Pizzeria truly transcends its qualities as a high standard pizza restaurant. The transition from an arms shop to a pizza shop makes it more likable with its friendly nature and quality food. 

Posted by Diane Araga, on September 2, 2013 at 10:00 AM