Ann Arbor Pizza Place Makes the Grade

NeoPapalis from Ann Arbor is making the grade, so to speak. It was voted one of the top 50 College Town Pizza Shops, coming it at number 8.

The list is compiled by the people at Great Value Colleges. They look for the best deals for college students.

NeoPapalis opened in 2012. They offer reasonably priced salads and Mediterranean dishes as well as pizza. Their pizzas are cooked in an 800F brick oven.

The author of the list, Gabrielle Kratsas say “We looked for pizza shops that were doing more than providing the standard, cheap fare college students would expect. These establishments are getting it done with unique food, inviting ambiance and excellent service.”

To make the list, each restaurant chosen has at least something that is unique that will appeal to college students. In addition, their food items must be both delicious and inexpensive.


Posted on October 10, 2014 at 10:00 AM