Art Boxes For Pizza

It usually comes with the brand logo, a few catch phrases or some warnings on the side but the pizza box is actually a work of art - something more to it than we actually think. 

Scott Wiener thinks the work of art in pizza is actually true and has proven it through his collection of 100+ boxes (as revealed in the Guinness World Record) including a pizza box that features the Simpsons! 

Around the world, he found pizza art boxes that are interestingly unique in each of its own way. 

For instance, Japan's Hatsune Miku design of a pizza box was released just last March 2013, tandem to their free app and body pillows - which came out sale too. 

The pizza box is not just a place to put pizza in fact its also an activity place just as this 80-piece puzzle by PackToy. Sadly there's no more boxes such as this. 

Ed Hardy Pizza box is also a work of art, distributed by Tony's Pizza Napoletana. The designed pizza box cost extra though and was priced at $3 each for the purpose of charity. 

Amsterdam didn't back out of the pizza design too but it was questionable if the Simpson's license was in place. 

Of course this pizza box that showed all its love for the delectable pie comes the best kind among all those designs. The 90's themed pizza box was distributed nationwide, supplied by Roma back in 1996. 

Posted by Diane Araga, on January 30, 2014 at 11:00 AM