Behind the Scenes of the 30-Minute Delivery by Domino’s Pizza

As we all know, Domino’s Pizza has guaranteed customers of a 30-minute delivery and beyond the time, the pie is either free or it costs less than it should be.

To keep this promise, Domino’s Pizza keeps mantras in their system and it is as simple as this – keeping 23 minute record for the whole process.

Where did the 7 minutes go?

The 7 minutes is a buffer for delivery, and it is kept just in case there is traffic.

But how do they do all the cooking, packing and deliveries in such a short time? Well, the dough stretching, saucing and cheesing, and all others are already well prepared by 6-7 people that are assigned of specific tasks in the process. And the baking takes around only 6 minutes to finish.

"On average, we deploy 6-7 people on the process depending on the store size," says Harneet Singh Rajpal, VP-Marketing, Domino's Pizza India.

At a flat number of 4 minutes of ordering toward the oven process, to the 6 minutes of baking, 5 minutes of cutting, packing and pick up and lastly an 8 minute delivery comes into a total of 23 minutes.

"We're designed to deliver in 23 minutes and give a seven minute buffer to our employees for unforeseen traffic, rains etc.," says Rajpal.

Even in different countries, almost the same process is being followed, thus gives customer satisfaction in 30 minutes!

Posted by Diane Araga, on March 27, 2013 at 10:00 AM