Best and Worst Glutten Free Pies

The diet alone is already hard to swallow what more suffering will there be if there were pizza pies that taste horrible in this kind of diet? 

The gluten-free diet cannot stop pizza lovers from eating pizza that is why establishments all over and home makers did their best to make pies suitable for those in need of such dish. With the use of alternative flours and starches, pizza could be made the same way any pizzeria would. Just as long as it is wheat free, its all good! 

Of course, having gluten-free ingredients is not just the critical element in judging a pie because taste still matters and texture can make a big difference on the dish. 

The usual preference of a gluten-free crust is a chewy crispy and dependable crust for the topping. It should not be too hard but not be too saggy. Because gluten-free is harder to search for, the cost of pies are usually $7.50 but not all pizzerias is worthy of such pricing. 

Here an idea of what gluten free pies in some restaurants are like: 
1. Whole foods offer a 24-ounce pizza and is priced higher than usual at $12.99. The pie is called Three Cheese Gourmet Pizza and though it passes the flour test as it uses tapioca flour and eggs, the sauce lacks taste! 

2. Simply Shari's Gluten Free and Fabulous Pesto Margherita Pizza is made up of pesto (of course), rice and tapioca flour too. Its price at $7.49 which means its just at the right pricing and has the perfect thick crust you won't regret to eat. 

3. Crust is said to be thin but those who love thin means you could try Udi's Gluten Free Margherita Pizza. It's also priced at $7.49 sold in Sprouts Market. Some people say this pie could be good enough as the cheese is high in quality, making the pizza flavorful. 

4. Trader Joe's Gluten Free 3-Cheese Pizza offers a different flavor of pizza with a spicy sauce! Taste is good and the price is cheap found at $4.99 only each! 

5. Target also offers a $3.99 gluten free pizza specially made by Amy's Gluten Free Margherita Rice Crust Pizza. It has a crumbly crust and has too little and too sweet sauce though so this might come perfect for kids instead. 

6. Better 4 U All Natural Gluten Free Mediterranean Pizza is a deep dish pie but does not seem to take its style correctly. The pie is said to have more crusts and is sold at $11.99 each at Whole Foods. 

7. Glutino Gluten Free Spinach & Feta Pizza tastes like it doesn't have a crust at all because the flavors are so powerful. Am not sure if this is a good thing for the customers but at $4.49, it could be good enough! 

Posted by Diane Araga, on January 17, 2014 at 9:00 AM