Beyond World Cultures: Eating with Manners

Admit it, you have taken eating for granted and this is why you don't know so much about your food - except of course the fact that you are already getting fat when you eat too much. But other than weight gain and that solid fat content, you should also be aware of some eating habits around different areas even with pizza!  

Grab a Slice: In New York, eating pizza with a knife and fork should be avoided. Actually its not just in New York that this culture is recognized. This is why a controversy about the Mayor was stipulated - and out of what? Out of eating pizza with a knife and fork! 

Deep Dish: This is the only kind of pie that exempts everyone from the "no-fork" rule just because it is difficult to eat a saggy pie with your hands. But other than that, pizza was made for the hands or to be folded. 

Middle East hands: Areas in Middle East and India have customs that make sense. Eating with your right hand is considered sanitary as the right hand is always used for food while the left hand is for something else natural like excreting. So when you grab a slice, make sure you use your right hand!

Korean Manners: Taking a bite off that sweet pizza without waiting for the eldest is a big no-no for Koreans as it symbolizes disrespect! 

Italian Cheese: Though the Italians have invented pizza, it does not automatically mean that they eat everything with cheese! Eating seafood with cheese is a big mistake for Italians, especially fish. Though it is said that the culture has already changed over the years, there should still be some precautions made for food choices around their town. 

Fart More in Canada: If the Japanese thought that slurping food means getting a better taste of the Ramen or stating that it is delicious, Canadians have a similar culture that would mean somewhat similar. To fart after eating means appreciating the food so fart more! 

Empty Plates: Indians and Japanese have one meaning to it and it is appreciation. Chinese cultures however see it otherwise and think of it as the lack of meals. Bedouins meanwhile offer unlimited cups of coffee until it is shaken off.
Posted by Diane Araga, on January 29, 2014 at 11:00 AM