Bishop to Help Choose Best Albany Pizza

When Edward Scharfenberger took over as bishop for the Albany Diocese, he may have started off on the wrong foot with local pizza lovers. He replaced the retiring Howard Hubbard.

Scharfenberger happened to say that he had not found any pizza in Albany that could live up to what he was used to in Brooklyn. This prompted several local restaurants to take action. They are hoping that they’ll be able to change their new bishop’s opinion.

A pizza challenge is being held at the office of Catholic Charities in Rensselaer. The best way to discover the kind of pizza that the new bishop likes? Ask him to be one of the judges in the contest! Several local restaurants are participating.

When a local news channel asked the retired Howard Hubbard about his favorite pizza, he admitted that the question probably shouldn’t be directed to him saying, “Well I must be honest, I’m not a big pizza lover. So I am going to have to yield to Father Ken Doyle. He just got a free pizza from Dominos and he says that’s the best. So I will echo his sentiments.”

The local news plans to follow the contest at the Catholic Charities and report on the new bishop’s choice.


Posted on September 3, 2014 at 10:00 AM