Blake Shelton's New Job

Pizza Hut customers in California got a surprise recently when they came in to order their pizzas. Blake Shelton went undercover, posing as a worker, ‘Stephen’.

“Come here, tell me what you want. I’m new here,” Shelton said as customer walked in.

The woman was a bit taken aback, as she looked for hidden cameras.

Shelton tried to convince her that he was just ‘Stephen’. He was sporting the Pizza Hut uniform and his ‘official’ name tag.

There was no fooling the customer, however.

“You’re Blake Shelton!” she replies, but Shelton still insists that he’s ‘Stephen’.

Shelton continued to trick other unsuspecting customers before posing for pictures with many of them. He is the current ‘face’ of the restaurants, participating in their current ad campaign.

Posted on September 10, 2014 at 10:00 AM